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I was finally banned from Gamespot…After 8 years.

Posted in Rant, Video Games with tags , , , , , , , on February 1, 2009 by lilburtonboy7489

In my free time, I like to mess around on forums of all types. It’s fun to tell everyone why you are right and why they are wrong. It just never gets old. Well I’m a member of numerous forums on teh intrawebz. The one I’ve been a part of the longest is Gamespot. For years, it was not only the best gaming site with the best reviews and game coverage in general, but it also had the best community in terms of activeness and overall fun people. However, over the last couple years, that’s changed.

Over a year ago, there was an issue at Gamespot with Jeff, one of the reviewers. He was my personal favorite of all the reviewers there. However, one day, he reviewed the game “Kane and Lynch”. This is an awful game published by Eidos. Jeff gave an excellent review of the game, being as critical as he should. However, this honest review ended in a negative review for the game. Eidos was advertising this game heavily on Gamespot, and did not appreciate the review given one bit. The end result, was Jeff getting fired. Soon after, several other staff members of Gamespot left, and started up a website called “Giant Bomb”.

So after that whole ordeal, I stopped getting my gaming news from Gamespot, and switched to Giant Bomb and However, I stayed at Gamespot for the community, especially the “off-topic” forums, or OT.

I’ve been participating on this specific forum for years, 8 to be exact. I usually contributed to the religion topics and even contributed more to political and economic topics. In case you hadn’t noticed from reading my blog, I’m a very strict Libertarian and even borderline Anarchist (I prefer the term “free marketeer”). So I always argued from an anti-state and pro-market stance, specifically Austrian School Economics stance.

I made lots of enemies by taking such a stance, but also made some good friends over the years. However, over the years, things have changed. The moderators at Gamespot have become much more….”active”. As time went on, moderation were occurring for more and more reasons. The mods kept finding smaller and smaller things to moderate people over. For posting a verse from the Koran which I posted to show Islamic support fot violence, I was suspended for 2 weeks. For equating partial birth abortion to killing, I was suspended for 2 weeks. This never would have hapened a couple years ago. They used to be much more tolerant, especially since these are just opinions,

I never would swear or call people names. The worst I would do when someone would make an awful post, I would sometimes say “Wow…”. Usually that would get me moderated as well. For an example of how strict the mods have become; I was at level 20 for over a year because of how many moderations I had got.

But what I could never understand, is why other people wouldn’t get modded for doing things much worse than I did. I would get insulted on ever topic I created. People would call me crazy, tell me to get an education, and much much worse. I never got offended by this, but it just strikes me as odd that I would get modded for saying something such as “You have no idea what you’re talking about, government is not required for money to exist in the market”. I got suspended for saying that. Yet this person I was arguing with told me “How could someone like you get into college?”. He never got moderated for that.

Gamespot is no longer a friendly, tolerant, intelligent, gaming community. The reviews are awful, and the community is stale. Worst of all, the moderators have made sure that anyone who’s opinion they don’t like, will pay for their opinions. Opinions are only allowed on there if they are certain opinions.

In case you’re wondering, this is what I got modded for: The topic was called “Eva Mendez named hottest women of 2008”. I made a comment and said “Adriana Lima ftw”. This post got me permanently banned from a website which I have cintributed to for 8 years. Ridiculous.

So to anyone looking for a good online community open for debate, Gamespot is one of the worst places to go. The moderators are out of control and your opinions will only be welcome if they are the opinions shared by the moderators. Since Gamespot is an awful waste of time, I’ll suggest a couple other places you may want to join:

1) The Board- One of the most open minded forums. Also, one of the most intelligent. It’s a small community, but growing. It has a lot of potential and awesome Administrators. Mostly political and random topics.    (Click on “The Official Forum”)

2) Theology Web- Don’t let the name fool you. TWEB has discussions which cover all subjects. An excellent site with the most intelligent community I’ve encountered. Mainly religious and political topics.

3) Giant Bomb- A gaming website started by the cool people that used to be at Gamespot. Great video game coverage, and highly active forums. The downside is the community. Obnoxious and immature users plague this site. As a result, most topics are jokes, random blog posts, and movie/music posts. Mainly joke and rant topics.

So that’s it. Have fun. If you find the right community, internet forums can be great fun and even educate you a little in the ways of debates. Avoid Gamespot at all costs.