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I was finally banned from Gamespot…After 8 years.

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In my free time, I like to mess around on forums of all types. It’s fun to tell everyone why you are right and why they are wrong. It just never gets old. Well I’m a member of numerous forums on teh intrawebz. The one I’ve been a part of the longest is Gamespot. For years, it was not only the best gaming site with the best reviews and game coverage in general, but it also had the best community in terms of activeness and overall fun people. However, over the last couple years, that’s changed.

Over a year ago, there was an issue at Gamespot with Jeff, one of the reviewers. He was my personal favorite of all the reviewers there. However, one day, he reviewed the game “Kane and Lynch”. This is an awful game published by Eidos. Jeff gave an excellent review of the game, being as critical as he should. However, this honest review ended in a negative review for the game. Eidos was advertising this game heavily on Gamespot, and did not appreciate the review given one bit. The end result, was Jeff getting fired. Soon after, several other staff members of Gamespot left, and started up a website called “Giant Bomb”.

So after that whole ordeal, I stopped getting my gaming news from Gamespot, and switched to Giant Bomb and However, I stayed at Gamespot for the community, especially the “off-topic” forums, or OT.

I’ve been participating on this specific forum for years, 8 to be exact. I usually contributed to the religion topics and even contributed more to political and economic topics. In case you hadn’t noticed from reading my blog, I’m a very strict Libertarian and even borderline Anarchist (I prefer the term “free marketeer”). So I always argued from an anti-state and pro-market stance, specifically Austrian School Economics stance.

I made lots of enemies by taking such a stance, but also made some good friends over the years. However, over the years, things have changed. The moderators at Gamespot have become much more….”active”. As time went on, moderation were occurring for more and more reasons. The mods kept finding smaller and smaller things to moderate people over. For posting a verse from the Koran which I posted to show Islamic support fot violence, I was suspended for 2 weeks. For equating partial birth abortion to killing, I was suspended for 2 weeks. This never would have hapened a couple years ago. They used to be much more tolerant, especially since these are just opinions,

I never would swear or call people names. The worst I would do when someone would make an awful post, I would sometimes say “Wow…”. Usually that would get me moderated as well. For an example of how strict the mods have become; I was at level 20 for over a year because of how many moderations I had got.

But what I could never understand, is why other people wouldn’t get modded for doing things much worse than I did. I would get insulted on ever topic I created. People would call me crazy, tell me to get an education, and much much worse. I never got offended by this, but it just strikes me as odd that I would get modded for saying something such as “You have no idea what you’re talking about, government is not required for money to exist in the market”. I got suspended for saying that. Yet this person I was arguing with told me “How could someone like you get into college?”. He never got moderated for that.

Gamespot is no longer a friendly, tolerant, intelligent, gaming community. The reviews are awful, and the community is stale. Worst of all, the moderators have made sure that anyone who’s opinion they don’t like, will pay for their opinions. Opinions are only allowed on there if they are certain opinions.

In case you’re wondering, this is what I got modded for: The topic was called “Eva Mendez named hottest women of 2008”. I made a comment and said “Adriana Lima ftw”. This post got me permanently banned from a website which I have cintributed to for 8 years. Ridiculous.

So to anyone looking for a good online community open for debate, Gamespot is one of the worst places to go. The moderators are out of control and your opinions will only be welcome if they are the opinions shared by the moderators. Since Gamespot is an awful waste of time, I’ll suggest a couple other places you may want to join:

1) The Board- One of the most open minded forums. Also, one of the most intelligent. It’s a small community, but growing. It has a lot of potential and awesome Administrators. Mostly political and random topics.    (Click on “The Official Forum”)

2) Theology Web- Don’t let the name fool you. TWEB has discussions which cover all subjects. An excellent site with the most intelligent community I’ve encountered. Mainly religious and political topics.

3) Giant Bomb- A gaming website started by the cool people that used to be at Gamespot. Great video game coverage, and highly active forums. The downside is the community. Obnoxious and immature users plague this site. As a result, most topics are jokes, random blog posts, and movie/music posts. Mainly joke and rant topics.

So that’s it. Have fun. If you find the right community, internet forums can be great fun and even educate you a little in the ways of debates. Avoid Gamespot at all costs.


Gamespot- “Intolerance will not be tolerated!!!” (Suspended Again)

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I do quite a bit of posting on Gamespot Forums. If you don’t know what Gamespot is, it’s a video game website run by complete jackasses who fire people for giving shitty games shitty reviews…..that is when the shitty game pays Gamespot money.

But that’s not the point. They have forums on there where people talk about all kinds of things. A bunch of nerds pretend they know something about topics like religion, economics, politics, philosophy, music, and life in general. It’s cute really. But I just got suspended…again. This time it’s for 2 weeks! That’s a really long suspension. So what did I do to get suspended? Must be really bad right?

I wrote this: “Atheism is really, really, really dumb…”

“think about it. no one can PROVE God exists, and no one can PROVE he doesn’t. sure, go ahead and say you don’t think God exists, but you can’t say that you know that. simple as that. you don’t know. the possibility is always there.

agnosticism makes much more sense…”

Wow, I’m sorry i raped your virgin ears. I can see why this would be somewhat bad if I said atheists are dumb, but I was referring to a concept, not person. So obviously Gamespot is unbelievably strict about posting. So how do they explain these topics which were allowed:

“Christianity is the definition of Hypocriticism.”

“I can’t take this brainwashing cult know as christianity no longer….”

“Does Christianity use fear tactics?”

“christianity and its history of lies/bullcrap (dont start a religious debate!!)”

“Christianity created Global Warming”

“Christianity trial: 2,000 years of wrongdoings”

“Christianity is fake (Proof inside)”

“Christianity is corrupting the minds of the youth”

“Christianity is dumb….imo”

Hmmmmm….Magically, none of these users were suspended, and the topics were allowed to stay up. Mine was locked instantly. Was my thread worse than these. I don’t think so. I was just pointing something out, no hatred or attacks on anyone. Fuck you Gamespot.

Comment moderation and freedom of speech

Posted in Rant with tags , , on August 24, 2008 by lilburtonboy7489

What is the purpose of WordPress? It is where individuals can express their opinions freely. However, lots of people seems to forget about this right given to them, and not allow others the same right. I am talking about comments.

I have posted on many people’s pathetic blogs, and I have found that the majority require approval. This is understandable if someone has a blog targeted at young kids and they want to keep it clean. But most of the blogs that require approval are just people that don’t want strong arguments made against them. I have seen it happen many times where someone will not approve of my comment where I made a good, clean, strong argument. But I visit the blog later and some dumbass gives an awful argument and the comment is allowed, only to be rightfully crushed.

So maybe we should consider allowing all people to comment on these blogs. Allow all people to give their opinions and let others pick and choose which is right. The purpose of spreading ideals shouldn’t be to have the best argument, but rather discover the truth. So let everyone’s opinion’s be shown, approve all comments that aren’t spam, even if you disagree.

What constitutes a D-Bag?

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Okay, before you read on, know that this has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with douchebags. Plain and simple. I hate douchebags. However, I think the term is thrown out there a little too often. So I will walk you through the steps of becoming a douchebag.

Be full of yourself

Douchebags are always full of themselves. There are some thing I will list that are optional, but this is a requirement. They are so full of their own shit that it happens to pour out their mouth every time they open it. They walk around with their noses so high in the air that you can see right up their noses and into the empty place where the brain is supposed to reside. When they see someone that is popular enough to acknowledge, they thrust their head up in the air to nod….except the nod is going up instead of down. Without them even opening their mouths, you can hear them saying”sup”. They won’t wave, because that is waaay uncool, and they won’t do a normal modest nod either.

Talk like a pirate

A lot of douches talk the same. They tend to stop words before finishing them. For example: “Dude, this shit is so Deeeelish.” That is an attempt to say that something is “delicious”. Instead, it comes out in a way that only retards and other douchebags can understand. I can’t say any keywords that douchebags use because they only use words that are “hip” at the time. Since this is the case, picking one word or phrase is impossible. The current phrase is this: “I know right??” Judging by the way the pitch of the voice goes up at the end of this phrase, I’ll assume it’s some sort of question. What it’s asking, I have no idea. Lastly, douchebags swear…a lot. Swearing is fine every once in awhile, but they use it in place of every adjective, noun, pronoun, adverb, and interjection. They do this because of lack of vocabulary. The result is that every “sentence” spilled out their mouth comes out as an R-rated fragment of a sentence. They obviously think they are pirates.

Like every shit genre out there

Douchebags have no preference in music. Usually, if you ask a douchebag what his favorite bands are, he’ll attempt to tell you that he likes Ying Yang Twins, Rascal Flatts, Nirvana(only smells like teen spirit), and Trapt. They typically have music for each occasion. When cruising around in their pimped out Dodge Neons, they listen to some Lil Wayne. When with a lady, they’ll put in a little Keith Urban. When at the prom, they’ll mosh to “smells like teen spirit”. When they prepare for the big football game, They get angry with some Three Days Grace.

Get a generic “tat”

I have tattoos. However, mine serve a purpose rather than looks, and have a lot of meaning behind them. I’ll explain to you the typical douchebag tat. Usually they get one of three things. First, they might get a barb wire band around their bicep without it touching in the back, because it hurts too bad. Second, they might like the feeling of having something meaningful, so they will either get a Bible verse that they don’t understand or a cross. Third, it will be some “macho” phrase that shows how manly they are and how they are always up for kicking someone’s ass. Even though it’s really just a cover up for their insecurity, it’s usually best to just let them have their fun.

Know nothing about anything important.

Douches can usually rattle off the scores and stats of all 16 games from the night before. Ask them who’s running for president, and they will most likely have no idea. See, the douchebag is an interesting species. They are very apt at knowing everything that happened on the last episode of Laguna Beach or what the flavor of the day is at Culver’s, but if you ask them why they are okay with paying taxes or why they have the morals they do, they will not have a clue.


You aren’t a douchebag unless you party. Douchebags live for drinking. Little do they know that getting drunk after it’s legal just makes you the trash of society. But still, they make sure that every conversation they have with fellow douche involves beer. It becomes the most important thing in their friendship. Even though many douches will go into fields such as criminal justice, they still have no problem with getting 6 underage drinking tickets in high school. It’s the way that douches bond. They build their friendships by not even being conscience during the building of the bond. Usually they know they have bonded when they wake up in bed with each other with their asses hurting wondering what happened that night. Partying is really the way to rebel and build that special connection with your true friends.

Just be an asshole

Douchebags are just mean. Not in the way that makes you feel bad, but in the way that makes them feel good by thinking they made you feel bad. It makes them cum in their underpants when they makes some stupid comment about you being a nerd for acing an exam. Their motivation is nothing more than self-satisfaction and the high-five/slap on the ass they get from their fellow douche. Lots of times, they target those who are easy to make fun of. Lots of times, it’s homosexuals. It’s not that they have a disagreement with homosexuality, it’s just that they are easy to pick on and they usually just get called fags, or some other apprently “descriptive” name. Anyone that is not a douche may be the target. Lucky for them, they usually just do it behind other people’s back so they make sure not to get a much better comeback.

Be open about your insecurities

Douchebags must spend at least half of their weekly $200 allowance on clothes. In order to fit in the the D-unit douchebag club, you must wear tight-fitting clothing with the name of some random city or bird. That’s right…they usually wear either Hollister or American Eagle clothing. These brands are about 4 times the cost of clothes that look equally shitty. However, they have the little emblem that says:”look, I’m cool, I’m hip, I can fit in with all you kewl guys!” Dick. If you walk around wearing band t-shirts and have a severe lack of flip flops, don’t expect to be invited to many parties. Basically, try and dress as much like a the gay guys from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” as possible, and you’re golden. I’m convinced that all douchebags are gay and that’s the reason why the pick on gay people all the time. It’s called insecurity.


Don’t be a douchebag. This world is infested with them and it’s easy to get drawn into their group because they may make you feel accepted. Don’t do it. Avoid douchebaggery at all costs and avoid everything on this list.


Mentally retarded or teenage girl?

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I lost hope in America long ago. However, I just recieved a friend request on Facebook from some random girl, so naturally I accepted it. After about 3 seconds, I looked at her personal information. It went something like this:

Personal Info

Favorite Music:
Favorite TV Shows:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Books:

Notice how besides the given Facebook categories, almost every word is spelled wrong. Out of 26 real words that she typed, 6 words were completely wrong. She used 3 words that are popular slang words typically only used by jocks, retards, 2nd graders, and well….girls.

Since I am not a complete jackass, I won’t give Ashley’s full name. After taking a look at her profile, I looked at a few more. Here’s another worth looking at:

Personal Info

Favorite Music:
Favorite TV Shows:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Books:

Not quite as bad, but still disappointing. Notice the patterns if you would. The “Activities” and “Interests” usually are similarly heart-breaking. Sports, partying, texting, idking, and booyz are usually part of the mixture. When texting becomes a noted activity or interest, a red flag should go up right away. The use of “umm….” is also rather disturbing. That is a word that bad public speakers use when they are nervous. I use the word often when speaking. However, the glory of typing is that you can think BEFORE you give your thoughts. Using “umm..” as a filler while typing isn’t cute, it’s basically you saying: “hey booooyz, i’m such an idiot, please rape me 😀 lol”.

Notice the music. These people don’t just have a type of music they listen to, they like everything. Liking everything just means you don’t have any preference. Usually rap or hip-hop are in there, instantly showing how dumb they are, accompanied by the genre that hates rap: Country. “I like to listen to rap which is mumbling based on the streets, but at the same time I like to feel like a inbred, redneck, racist that supports out troops!” I’ll assume that’s what these people think.

Now, television shows: “Laguna Beach, next”, and “I dont watch much TV…just mtv”……..enough said.

Favorite Movies: “OMG alote…” and “I LOVE MOVIES!!..basically anything”. Again, 2 made-up words and no preference.

Next, is the category of “Favorite Books”. This one is my favorite. Please look at their answers. “NONE…” and “books?!?!?”. Well, I’m glad that they do not know what books are. It’s not like they are old enough to read yet. OH!!, Wait! What’s that? They graduate high school in 1 year?? That’s right. Those of you who think that it’s not big deal because they are young, you’re wrong. Both of these girls drive cars. They are at the point where they should be practicing cooking and cleaning. Age is no excuse for this.

This is supposed to be a political blog, so I should probably tie this into politics. The point of this article was to show the current condition of our youth. I picked girls just for fun, but guys are not any better. Our youth are borderline retarded, and yet in 1-2 years, these are the people that will be voting. My point of this rant is this: American democracy has failed! At least little Iraqi terrorists know enough to believe in SOMETHING. American youth will be and are already the destruction of this nation.

Next, I will be writing about an experience I had at work today talking with men and women in their 40s. It will be further proof that democracy has failed.