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Dear MoneyChanger: More positive influence rap lyrics :) (Explicit)

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This post is dedicated to MoneyChanger. He recently got upset with me for only using 2 sets of lyrics to show that rap is a bad influence. So I thought I would do him a favor and show a bunch more good-natured lyrics by an assortment of rappers. Ready to learn our abc’s?

Lil Wayne- Alphabet Bitches

Santana i see ya haha
see the son
mama please dont be mad at me for this one
but i gotta tell my story
i had to do it
thats right
my name is weezy baby
please say the baby if not dont say it at all
this is my story

[Verse 1:]
Wellll the A is for Ashley
she always ask for me to take it out her pussy
put it right in her ass and the
B is for Brittany she bright in the class and
she be hatin on Ashley ’cause she tight in the ass
The C is for Christina want me to big screen her
the way she dick kiss should be a misdemeanor so if you seen her
I been searchin but cant find her
ever since i been wit Diamond wit Diamonds in her vagina
And the E is for ever elegant Erica
a sweet red bitch
we used to call her Miss America
I aint gon lie now Erika is a dog
but to the that magnolia niggas she done f**ked em all, (Slim!)
Speakin of slim, the f is for Fat,
a real skinny hoe so you know
why they call her that
And the G for gabrielle , you can call her Gabby
but all my homeboys seem to call her nasty (man)

These are my bitches, my Alpha Bitches
These are my bitches, my Alphabet Bitches
These are my bitches, my Alpha Bitches
These are my bitches, my Alphabet Bitches

I get bitches (say what)
I get bitches (say who)
I get bitches (say huh)
I get bitches
You got (oh) Dont want no
You got (oh) Dont need no
You got (oh) Dont gimme no
You got

[Verse 2:]
H is for my Hometown homegirl Heather
Head haze, purple pussy pills what ever
My mami’s dedicated all year, she neva tell me no
the most she say is not here and then uh
I is for Isis mami a pisces,
she f**k rappers for free, but hit them actors wit prices
they always pay ’cause her body the nicest
but I hit that everyday back when I had the wife I
J for Joanessa kinda sexy wit light eyes
she didnt make the band but she still doin quite fine
The K for Kia
I hate that bitch
because she super f**kin fine
but she cant take that dick
And then the L is for LaKia
that’s Kia’s twin
night and day everytime we f**k I fall right in
and the M is for Maria, Maria, Maria
she hangs out wit Nicole who f**kin Olivia

These are my bitches, my Alpha Bitches
These are my bitches, my Alphabet Bitches
These are my bitches, my Alpha Bitches
These are my bitches, my Alphabet Bitches

I get bitches (say what)
I get bitches (say who)
I get bitches (say huh)
I get bitches
You got (oh) Dont want no
You got (oh) Dont need no
You got (oh) DOnt gimme no
You got

Verse 3:]
P for Paulina she go all night
If I dont f**k her once a week she probably go on strike and the Q
is for Queen ’cause she is my Queen
but she cant ride it like Ranada but her body is mean and the
S is for Shayna a sucker in bed
she take advantage of the fact that Im a sucker for head
and the T is for Tara too much Mascara
tone down on the blush like you tryna scare us the
U for Ursula she hang wit Vicky
they both come over and work out wit me
the W for Wanda she kinda remind ya
of that game streetfighter hands like Xeonda.
The Y for Yvette she get wetter than most
She always try to get high but I just let her get low.
And last but not least the Z goes to Zara
She gets high off Zimphandale and masterbates to The Carter.

These are my bitches, my Alpha Bitches
These are my bitches, my Alphabet Bitches
These are my bitches, my Alpha Bitches
These are my bitches, my Alphabet Bitches

I get bitches (say what)
I get bitches (say who)
I get bitches (say huh)
I get bitches
You got (oh) Dont want no
You got (oh) Dont need no
You got (oh) Dont gimme no
You got

Yay, wasn’t that fun?? Now we know our abc’s. How about some more?

Ying Yang Twins- Pull my hair

[Girl Talking]
Hey You
You know you been talking a lot of shit
Whispering in my ear
Making me feel all hot and bothered and shit
Making a motherfucker horny
You say you can fuck
Prove it

Look bitch
You dun talked a whole lot of shit
But wait ’til you see my dick
I ain’t really fo’ the talking game
You dun came in the room and started handling thangs
First start wit brain
Then i’ma beat the pussy up
Hit it from the back
And beat the pussy up
Girl why you fronting d
Doing all that running
Be yo ass still
Long dick coming
Now ride on the dick like you was dancing in the club
He really love attention
So show him some love
Now come up slow and just ride the head
Now drop down fast
Put it all in the air
Now turn ya ass around let me hit it from behind ya
Put big dick inside ya
I’ma hit it from the back while I’m pulling your hair
You climbing up the wall but I’m pulling your hair
Getting freaky than a motherfucking sweating
I’m all on you, you all on me
Fucking like dogs
Me and shawty off of the wall
And I like the way she play with the balls
Shawty I ain’t holding nothing back at all
Ain’t scared to put the mouth on the dick
She swallowed it
And she like it when a nigga be pulling her hair
Talking nasty to her ass while I’m pulling her hair

[Chorus (Girl)]
Now that I got you in the bed
I’m gon’ pull yo hair
snatch yo ass up by the head
I’m gon’ pull yo hair
(Pull my hair, Pull it hard)
(Pull my hair, Pull it tight)
(Pull my hair, Come on baby)
(Pull my hair) [Moans]
(Fuck me daddy, Spank me daddy)
(Fuck me daddy, Spank me daddy)
(fuck me daddy, Spank me daddy)
(Fuck me… Shit)

Mmmmmm You like this
You wanna see what I have

[Kaine (Girl)]
Ay bitch
I’m talking to you
(So tell me what you want me to do)
[Clears Throat] Looka Hear
Drop down on all fours like a dog
Now I’m looking at yo ass ‘fore I hit it
That pussy from the back
I’ma get it
I’m walking over to you wit the rubber
Yo ass in trouble
(Is it up high enough)
I dun called yo bluff
Fuck you ’til you cry

“You said I beat that pussy from the back so much that I hurt yo side
Yo ass shoulda been built for the war, fuck it,
and if you don’t wanna wear yo tail you need to put it in ya ass and tuck it”

I whispered just to get ya in the bed
Now I’m finna pull yo hair on ya head
(Pull it)
Shouldn’t have fucked wit me
If ya ass coulda ran you woulda
But you put that there aside
That’s how my dick got between yo thighs
Now let’s all ride
I got a 10 foot pole
That’ll go in yo hole
Take yo soul
Make nut come out yo nose
Fall all on yo clothes

[Chorus (Girl)]

[Chorus (Just Guy)]

I think I’ll leave it at that for now….hope you enjoyed.


Soulja Boy hacked and the emergence of retarded youth.

Posted in Music with tags , , , , , , on August 24, 2008 by lilburtonboy7489

So this story just made my day. Soulja Boy’s myspace was hacked, and it was epic. Not only was his profile picture changed to gay porn, but the song that plays when you go to his profile is none other than Rick Astley. This is true pownage. But that isn’t the point of this post. I am posting this because I want black teens to learn something. Don’t listen to rap. If you do, this will be the result:

“you a bitch for this shyt get a fukkin lyfe. bitch made ass nigga.”

“he could neva be gay..who eva put that up is childish..n yall jus mad kuzz he make money n yall dnt so colm dat dwn.”

“who eva hacced dis chit ah hoe nd aint go neva b chit lol pussy as” This next one really made me laugh: –“H0LD THE FUCK UP…THAT SHIT AINT FUNNii BECAUzE WH0EVER Iz D0IN THIz IZ RACIST…!!! CALLLIN’ HIM NIGGER Nd ALL THAT…THAT SHIT AINT C00…N0W THEY WULD GET MAD IF WE CALLED THEM A CRACKER 0R S0METHIN’ LIKE THAT…BUT I’M N0T RACIST S0 I DNT D0 THAT…”

hmmmm……last time I checked, calling white people “crackers” is socially acceptable. Ever hear a black comedian? And no, we don’t get mad because we’re used to it. These are comments left on his myspace after he was hacked. They are real comments. You wonder why racism is not completely gone from society? I’ll give you a hint:

“Ay Bra Dis Soulja Boy Just Churp Me When U Get Dis. So Im Ridin Through Da Hood 100k Make My Neck Swell If I Aint At Home U Can Churp Me On Da Nextel Maceo Done Told Me Dont Talk About Da Work. Cuz Undercover In Da Hood Diggin Up Dirt. Still Gettin Money Yeah Pockets On Swole Police Tryna Give Me 10 Years Without Wit Out Parole They Say Im Gettin Money But They Say It Aint Da Right Way 5 Or 6 Cars Wit A Bike In Da Driveway Sittin In Da Spotlight Chain Start Blinging Step Up Da Car And My Phone Start Ringin Shawty Who It Be Soulja Boy Above Da Law If He Owe Money Dont Pay It Back I Break His Jaw He Stay Churpin Da Phone Say Soulja You Da Man Do Ahead Of Da Game You Can Call Me Commando Black Ss Wit Da Suicide Doors Platinum Earing Rangs And Da Icy Clean Clothes Im Still On Da Move Cuz I Aint Ever At Home. Ay Bra Hit Me. Churp Churp Da Phone Puttin It On Da Map Out Da Trap In Da Big Time Soulja Boy Tell Em Yell At Em Cuz Its My Time People Playa Hatin On A G Like S B Cuz Dey Flippin Da Channel And Im Talkin On Dey Tv Screen Churp Da Whole Hood Ay Soulja On Tv Remember Dat Dey Dat Soulja Boy Stood Next Me But Now Im In Da Big Time Yeah Im Gone Steal Shine Put Da Churp Phone On Da Map Like A Stripe Line”

These are the lyrics to a song by Soulja Boy. He is one of the biggest musicians in music. This is the type of thing that fuels stereotypes. Maybe instead of lobbying to get programs that would get rid of racism, the black community could take control of the situation and come together to abolish these types of influences. 70% of black children do not have a father in their home. They live for music and many times musicians become their influences. This is not the type of role model you want:

I hate hoes I hate hoes I hate hoes Oh [Chorus:] All these hoes is the motherfucking same, Play you to the left like a motherfucking lame, Call you out you motherfucking name, Fuck you all lames I got game! I hate hoes, hoes hate me [x4] [D Roc:] Forreal bitch, don’t take the shit wrong Thinking I’m nice I’ll break you jawbone Get the fuck on Leave me alone Bitch you better go on See, you all hoes ain’t optimistic Cockblockin bitches you unproper bitches What’s the problem bitches? you say your nigga hurt your feelins Well, hoes done hurt mine Not once, not twice, But bitch all the time So I’m a dog to a broad Have ’em all crying, I done cried before, That don’t make me a hoe That just show me where my feelins ain’t supposed to go See, I got the magic stick you dumb bitch Other nigga you fuck with, be on some punk shit And I’m gonna show you all I don’t need no help, Just as soon as I loosen my belt BITCH! [Chorus] [Kane:] I need a moment, I can’t stand bitches and hoes ’cause a bitch is a bitch and a hoe gonna hoe, But a woman hold her own She got her own home She drive her own car Buying drinks at the bar Take a nigga out to eat Take a nigga to the mall Treat a nigga good And wash a nigga draws But bitches ain’t shit, Always talking shit They wanna be the shit But is they shit? No And hoes, they fuck off the god damn chain Everything and everything but don’t take names So that’s a nasty hoe and I can’t do shit wit it Please get out my face I don’t need a case Yeah, I love you all respectful women Independent women I takes ’em out all the time But you all hit the baggage need to keep on tracking I ain’t speaking I ain’t talking to nothing ’cause [Chorus] [Jacki-O:] Just keep my name out you mouth Before you find out how a down south hoe will out You’re a hater, she’s a hater, three a hater, for Everywhere I go I see some hating ass hoes Southern Belle, Jazzy Belle, Never Monogamous ?? be hot because my deeper asophagus Still they run up on me, smile and phone me, Laugh ’cause soon as I turn my back they stab it Learn to play fair Stop trying to care Two hoes to one nigga, Bitch, learn to share Baby, you dead ass broke For hating on the rich chicks See how I flow? Bitch, put it on you wish list Two seater wit the chill on My baby daddy put the grill on Fixing to put the heels on Chrome spokes with the low pros And the trunk funk blows up the cedar on the dashboard [Chorus] This is the mens national anthem for this year All you real women, You all can sing this shit too If you a hoe and you hate another hoe, you can sing this shit too If you a bitch and you hate and bitch, you can sing this shit too So everybody’s gonna sing this shit I hate hoes, they hate me too Yup Yup Yup Yup Yup BITCH!”

Parents, I beg you to not let your kids listen to rap. You want to fight against stereotypes and racism, then boycott rap.

My music rules

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I hate the current state of the music industry. It’s a bunch of anti-drug dickheads tring to make some money. I’m not talking about rap or deathmetal obviously because this is not music but noise. But these bands make me sick. They have no talent, their number one goal is to make money, and it just sounds unpleasant. You want the structure of every single song on the radio:Intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, outro.

That’s it. Every single song. They might throw in a few swear words to sound badass, but they are all about being radio-friendly. So in case you have realized that the music industry sucks and don’t know who to listen to, I’ll help because I’m nice. I’ll give the top 20 bands you should listen to with their best abum(s).

1) Tool- Lateralus, Aenima

2) Alice in Chains- Dirt, Unplugged

3) Pearl Jam- Ten, Vs.

4) Nirvana- Nevermind, In Utero, Unplugged

5) Soundgarden- Bad Motorfinger,

6) Sublime- Sublime

7) Kyuss- Welcome to Sky Valley

8) Queens of the Stone Age- Songs for the Deaf, Lullubies to Paralyze

9) Rush- anything…they all rule

10) Blind Melon- Blind Melon

11) Mad Season- Above

12) Cake- Fashion Nugget

13) Rage Against the Machine- 1992, Evil Empire, Battle for Los Angeles

14) Deftones- White Horse

15) Counting Crows- Hard Candy

16) Screaming Trees- Sweet Oblivion

17) Temple of the Dog- Temple of the Dog

18) Primus- pick up their greatest hits….amazingly awesome

19) Stone Temple Pilots- Core

20) Smashing Pumpkins- Gish

This is the best music ever made. Listen to it or your life will be miserable….well….actually it will probably make you more depressed…but at least it’s awesome.