The Death of Individualism…Obama’s Required Community Service

Ignore the idiot who made the video. Just listen to Obama.

Self sacrifice is not self sacrifice when it is forced. Remember that. It is slavery.

It’s no secret that Obama despises the concept of individualism. The very though of having someone being able to choose his own lifestyle is considered immoral to him. He is a strong believer that we should be forced to sacrifice our own desires in order to contribute to the greater good. This concept of sacrifice for a greater good is an excellent idea, as long as it’s voluntary. However, to force us to participate in a system which may have vastly different values is nothing short of a totalitarian regime.

In Obama’s pathetic National Service Plan, he explains in full detail how we will be used as resources ready to be harvested for the state. Of course, being forced to contribute to this greater good (whatever the will of the state is), has to start young. This way young kids will grow up believing that they should put the will of the state before they live for themselves. It’s a way of eroding the very concept of free will.

So in order to do this, Obama will require all middle school students to perform 50 hours of mandatory community service, and another 50 in high school . At first, this may not be liked by young kids. However, by the time they graduate and go off to college, they will be very used to it. That’s a good thing, because Obama also will be requiring college students to perform 100 hours of community service by the time they graduate.

Involuntary servitude in middle school. Nice.

Apparently Obama does not favor the 13th amendment.

“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime where of the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Involuntary servitude is slavery. So obviously Obama opposes involuntary servitude. Or does he?

Is being forced to give 33% of your income to the state involuntary servitude? I would say yes. How about being forced at the age of 13 to perform community service.

Hm…..perhaps Obama is in favor of slavery after all….

Here’s the link to Obama’s National Service Plan Fact Sheet.


4 Responses to “The Death of Individualism…Obama’s Required Community Service”

  1. […] what was once required has now been changed to incentive-based community service: The Obama Administration will […]

  2. Did he say “Punished with a Baby”? What does that mean? She can go out and make more mistakes and the tax payers can pay for more and more of her mistakes by way of abortion.. Obama is not thinking. of course I guess he is thinking of welfare Mothers more than his own daughters. Perhaps less expensive to have an abortion than pay for a child.

  3. That’s 50 hours EACH YEAR in middle and high school, and 100 hours EACH YEAR in college.

  4. lilburtonboy7489 Says:

    Thanks for the correction Jim 🙂

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