Bring on the change!

Everyone rejoice! The election season is over with! That means that we no longer have to deal with this:

Now that Jesus is running the country, everything will be fine (Watch the video to see what this means). In the coming months, we will see what the Chosen One will bring to the table. I am hoping for lots of change and not more of the same.

I expect lots of radical changes to be made. These changes include:

1) I expect that we will get out of Iraq, and move our troops into Afghanistan, Sudan, and eventually Iran. Then I expect we will keep all of our established bases in over 100 countries.

2) I expect a decrease in my income tax by 1-2%, an increase in national debt by 30%, an increase in unemployment due to higher taxes on the rich (those making over 250K, or is it 150K?), massive inflation, all government controlled banks, and massive decrease in overall investments.

3) I expect that we will have alternative energy sources in 10-20 years.

4) I expect that innocent American citizens will continue to be spied on, legally. (It’s legal now: Thanks Obama for voting for HR 6304!)

5) I expect that police brutality will continue. After all, if a police force is being naughty, there’s aren’t many competitors to keep them in line.

6) I expect that the inflation rate will continue to be higher than the savings interest rate.

7) I expect that the state will continue to force us to give our money to the government for retirement rather than invest it so that it keeps up with inflation.

8) I expect that we will be paying for more luxury vacations for CEOs of multi-billion dollar corporations.

9) I expect that every poor decision the government makes will be blamed on the free market and deregulation.

10) Lastly, I expect that our system will remain unchanged so that we will continue to run through this routine every four years.

Wow, such radical change. What would we have done with 4 more years of the same?


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