I’m going to headbutt Palosi in the ovaries.

I knew this was going to happen, but I still had hope that it wouldn’t. Nancy Palosi, the Speaker of the House, blamed this economic disaster on “unbridled free markets”. I knew this would happen. As soon as our politicians fuck something up, they blame it on that which they are fighting. In this case, the free market.

So after the govrenment forced banks into giving sub prime loans for years, and artificially lowering the interest rates, the bubble bursts. Last time I checked, the free market doesn’t include forcing banks to give sub prime loans. Wow, too bad no one saw this coming. Oh wait, they did! Every Austrian economist in the world predicted this. Ron Paul predicted this long ago as well. Peter Schiff, remember that guy that everyone in the news hates? Yup, he predicted it too.

The one thing we can be glad of, is that our wonderful politicians, despite 93% of the population’s wishes, came to the rescue. Look at the improvements they have made!! Thank you saviors!! Oh wait….that’s right, the markets tanked.


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