Obama. The new campus ecstasy?

Go to any college campus, and the place will be rank with Obama supporters. As you approach them, they chant emotionally charged mantras such as “We need change, not more of the same!!!!!” or “Hope for a future”. These are the only other discussion that you will hear on campus besides partying. The supporters are completely ignorant of economics altogether, and rather than support Obama’s position, they just bash McCain. While I’m all for bashing McCain, I do so because I know of better alternatives. They don’t.

So is the latest Obama fad just the new ecstasy or new flavor of Miller beer on campus? I have never seen people get so excited about something they know so little about. His cut following on college campuses reminds me of the kids that talk about how hard gthey party to fit in and be cool. The difference here is that their decision on who they vote for doesn’t effect them, it effects all of us. Obama doesn’t stand for change. He isn’t “cool”. He’s the same type of person that runs every election. Spineless, no principles, immoral, murderer, thief, liar, and incompetent. That’s not change.

Unless your candidate can give an intelligent answer on the effects of price floors and ceilings in an economy, don’t vote for him. If your candidate voted for the recent bailout, don’t vote for him. If your candidate wants to stay in the middle east fighting pointless wars, don’t vote for him.

My point is this: Don’t vote for McCain or Obama.


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