Dad was fired, thanks again government!

There is a popular belief in America that regulations are put in place to help us. Well, they don’t. Federal regulations are responsible for economic failures around the country, and have been responsible for creating unemployment, countless homeless, and getting my dad fired.

I don’t want to get into trouble, so I won’t say the name of the businesses involved. So for the sake of laziness, I will call them businesses A and Z. My dad worked for A for 32 years. He worked his ass off 50 hours a week, and devoted his life to it. A is a business that makes exhaust systems for recreational vehicles such as ATVs, golf carts, and lots of random stuff. However, it was bought out about 7 years ago by business Z. 

So in 2007, new regulations were implemented that dealt with emission control. Now, business Z had to quickly change it’s style in order to meat the new emission regulations. For every vehicle sold that did not meet the standards, there was a $3000 penalty. So business Z had to quickly change in order to meet these regulations. The problem is that only certain factories were equipped to meet these standards. 

Within less than 2 years, two factories owned by factory Z had to be shut down, because they could not make the change to make the new emission systems. And now, it’s happening to the one in my town. First, the plant manager was fired. My dad was the next one to go. And soon it will be the third one down the ladder. Within 6 months, the plant will be shut down because of the inability to create the new emission systems required by the federal government.

I live in a town of 4000 people. Less than 2000 are in the workforce. Business Z which will be closing soon, employs 400 of our towns workers. The plant pays out $600,000 worth of wages every month. It is what keeps my town alive. So not only did my dad lose the job which he devoted his life to, but an entire town will be crushed by this.

Thanks a lot Washington! Keep the regulations coming!


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