‘avoiding taxes is unpatriotic’ -Joe Biden

Joe Biden is the epidemy of an idiot. He actually had the balls to say that it is unpatriotic to not pay taxes. Perhaps he should consider reading my article on patriotism. There is nothing unpatriotic about wanting to keep what you are entitled to. I volunteer to work this much for this amount of pay, and the employer agrees to such. Next thing I know, the federal goernment steals the money from me and uses it for it’s own purposes. How dare someone oppose that?!?!?

I know what politicians consider patriotic. To them, it’s shutting up. It’s blindly supporting a war no matter how evil the war is. It’s paying for the private jets of politicians. It’s avoiding the use of the first amendment. It’s voting, even if our only choices are both immoral. It’s wanting the state to play a corrupt Robin Hood. It’s supporting government invasion of our privacy. It’s abandoning all principles in the name of security. It’s supporting material equality rather than real equality. It’s bailing out wall street after they make poor business decisions. It’s playing the game, exactly how they want it to be played.

I think I’ll stick to being unpatriotic.


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