Bush, McCain, and our neoconservative future

I’ll assume that the people reading this already know what neoconservativism is. If not, here it is in a nutshell: A philosophy in support of a totalitarian state along with an aggressive foreign policy with the purpose of spreading it’s values through the world.

Neoconservatism is the perversion of what used to be a small-government philosophy. I think it’s common knowledge that Bush is possible the most neoconservative president we have ever had. After 9/11, bush stated that the US should seek to promote liberal democracy throughout the world. He stated that Iraq, Iran, and North Korea constitute the new “Axis of Evil”. This was before we ever invaded Iraq. He also said “”I will not wait on events, while dangers gather. I will not stand by, as peril draws closer and closer.” This statement is the reasoning behind his preemptive assault on the middle east. Well, at least he’s keeping true to his word. One of the countries involved in the “Axis of Evil” has been invaded, occupied, and had bases set up…permanently.

This is the way of the new republicans. McCain will be the most imperialistic president that we’ve ever had and will continue to fight the war on the enemy that will never be defeated. As long as this enemy exists, which it always will, expect us to always be in a state of war. What better way to keep us feeling like we need the government?

To sum it up, McCain will be the same. After we “win” in Iraq, expect a new war against the “Axis of Evil” to be right around the bend. Neoconservatives like McCain have perverted our political system. Now we have a choice between two nearly identical candidates. You think we have a multi-party sysetm? Think again.


2 Responses to “Bush, McCain, and our neoconservative future”

  1. McCain would give this woman access to (NUCLEAR FOOTBALL) after meeting her for 15 minute!?
    Trust me! I gave this women total control over your life and death (NUCLEAR FOOTBALL) after meeting her for only 15 minutes, She is my soul mate. I lie for her and want you to accept everything I say without question!
    My first question! are you nuts? possessed by sex pheromones?
    This is John McCain!

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