The Anti-Republican fad (and other bullshit)

If you’ve ever read my blog before (if you haven’t, I’m sorry for your loss), you know how much I hate the Republicans and the Democrats. At this point in time, I almost hate both sides equally. On onse side, you have the Democrats. They are a bunch of anti-human rights socialists who think that the ends will always justify the means. On the other side, we have the Republicans. They are a bunch of spineless dicks that think they are doing a service to us by keeping the taxes low. I oppose taxation in any form, but here’s the thing: YOU CAN’T CUT TAXES AND SPEND MORE DUMBASSES. 

Now that I got it out of my system, I want to talk about the anti-republican fad. Have you ever felt an opinion about something, but been scared that people will make fun of you for it? Perhaps you don’t believe in global warming but know you will be called ignorant of you say so. Perhaps you dare to say that evolution may not be proven. If you’re one of these people, you know that even though you might not be wrong, you’re scared to say anything due to persecution.

This is the same thing happening to republicans. There is fad right now where it’s cool to hate republicans. If you dare to say that you support McCain, or even worse, Bush, then  you will get a boatload of cuss words and possibly thrown in the nearest dumpster. This is bullshit. As much as I hate republicans, if you can’t offer a better alternative, than leave them alone. If you disagree with republicans, than debate them. Calling them ignorant, fascists, war mongers, haters, brainwashed, or other gay names is just showing how stupid you really are. Sorry to tell you, but in a debate, the democrats can’t do much better because they are actually worse (by a little).

I do not believe that republicans are right on many issues, but the truth is that democrats are just as wrong, and even more in some areas. So leave them alone. Just because it’s cool to hate people at the time, that doesn’t mean you have to do it. At least some republicans are actually trying to limit government, cut spending, cut taxes, and get rid of programs. What are the democrats doing that’s so amazing? Nothing.


4 Responses to “The Anti-Republican fad (and other bullshit)”

  1. If global warming isn’t true, that’s OK. I would still drive my economy car to lessen my carbon footprint, and I would still recommend recycling so that plastic isn’t the only evidence of our society’s existence when future archaeologists dig up the layer of the earth we live on now. Hopefully the internet might still be around to document political history by then, but whatever… that’s besides the point. I bleeping hate politics, too. good job for blogging how you feel instead of standing on the street with a big sign and an angry face yelling anti-political propaganda and scaring young children.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    How hypocritical you are. You claim that anti-Republicanism is bullshit and bad yet yet you hate both Republicans and Democrats.

    Another way that you’re hypocritical is that you claimed to hate Republicans but advised against calling them bad names. Pathetic.

    Fro your information, I favor Republicans over Democrats. So do me a favor and shove your anti-Republican bullshit up your ass.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Republicans rule and Democrats drool.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    *Sigh.” All right, fine. If you want to dislike Republicans, that’s your choice. But at least, I’m pleased that you’re against people calling Republicans bad names.

    Also, I’ll stay Republican no matter what. So please try to respect that.

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