30 reasons why you shouldn’t vote for Obama.

Apparently, writing an article destroying a presidential candidate makes people assume you are supporting the man in the other major party. I hate people. So now I have to write on why you shouldn’t vote for Obama.

1) He’s in favor of increasing the ability for the federal government to loot the people.

2) He believes that the wealth we obtain is based on what we deserve rather than voluntary transfers.

3) He believes the federal government can decide who deserves what.

4) He thinks that it is social darwinism to privatize social security.

5) He supports the teaching of social darwinism by wanting to increase public school funding.

6) He decided that people cannot volunteer to work for less than minimum wage.

7) He voted to increase the minimum wage.

8) He opposes school vouchers that would let parents choose where their kids go to school.

9) He wants to pay teachers more money because he assumes that more money means better education (Even though America spends way more on education than any country and is ranked 12th in the world.)

10) He believes everyone should be forced to have health care…even if people value money more than their health.

12) He wants to protect network neutrality, which violates the first amendment.

13) He wants to approximately double the size of the federal governmet.

14) He wants 80 million dollars in tax cuts while approximately doubling the size of the federal government…

15) He wants to double the capital gains tax.

16) He will destroy big business with massive tax increases resulting in higher unemployment, lower revenue, less investments by businesses, and a massive decrease in GDP.

17) He wins votes solely on emotional appeal.

18) He has no respect for human rights.

19) He wants to invest in common humanity with foreign aid.

20) He wants to rebuild our alliances with countries we have no place being in an alliance with.

21) He wants to continue policing the world by fighting terrorism all over the world.

22) He wants to fight global poverty by stealing our money.

23) He believes in global warming…oh…sorry…”climate change”.

24) He believes we should murder babies.

25) He wants to ban all semi-automatic firearms.

26) In 2006 he voted for the Patriot Act…..again.

27) He does not believe in property rights.

28) He thinks that instead of treating others equally, we should try to make them equal.

29) He is no different than any other politician.

30) He pisses me off. <—wanted to get 30 even.


42 Responses to “30 reasons why you shouldn’t vote for Obama.”

  1. It’s just what I was thinking, with 10,000,000 others!

  2. Richard Inu Says:

    31) We don’t need a porch monkey at the White House

  3. His so called wife hates AMERICA!

    • Hi.

      As a following Obama hater I think the problem started when we as real Americans abolished slavery.

      Obama as a black president and his wife who stated ” She hates America”, should have raised that all important red flag.

      Obama is now in the process of getting even with ( whitey ), meaning the white race. The Dems have no idea of the evil they have unleashed on our country.

      As I think back of the assination of John Kennedy I think a good man left us much to early. Hopefully some true American out there amoung us will take it upon himself to rid us of Obama and the rest of the top dems who are at this moment planning the destruction of our beloved country, ( USA ).

      If it came to be the person who ever he or she may be would have done us and our great country a great service, even though doing so would probably put that individual in great peril. But the sacrifice would be a small one to save our country and our childrens future which the black man eagerly awaits to take away and make us all white slaves to the Government.

      It’s much better then what we are doing in the war were in. Good boys are being killed supposedly for our country. I would shed not a tear if the same were to befall Obama and his henchmen.

      Would save us from a evil want to be dictator and make our country great again. Forget Predident, he’s not even a man. He’s nothing but a cleaned up N—R trying to take our freedoms away.

      Any coments would be appreciated

    • Can’t help but wonder why Obama is stll President !!!!!!!! Guess the American people are still asleep. But one day soon when they do awake their in for the surprise of their life…….

      Cannot help but wonder why instead of talking about how bad Obama is, just why we Americans are taking this crap. Obamas adjenda includes makinf all of us Americans dependant on the Government for all our needs. Why don’t people realize that this does not work in other countries that used to be free, but now under communist rule. A place that we are surely headed for unless we take a stand against this man and his wife that declared openly she hates America.
      We are about to lose our freedoms and as far as I can see nobody cares. I myself am ( 63 ) and don’t want to depend on Obamas health care plan, because if I need any medical I’ll probably die before receiving it.
      The whole of the USA can’t all be Dems. If so we are in lots of trouble. Obama, Palosi, Biden, and Reid are on the path to destroy our country then sell it off to the highest communist bid.
      I have now and have always een a Rep, and although Bush made some mistakes none were as bad as the ones we are about to endure from this black man.
      Our country was not ready for a black man to lead us. As said by his wife about hating America tells me that all white people are going to suffer because of the slavery our fore fathers induced.
      Hell, we don’t even know if the guys an American. We the Reps, independants, and the conseratives need to screw our heads back on and get rid of this fungas before it spreads to far to contain.

      He is stealing money from our children and their children. We used to be a free country and extend our ams to all that want to be good Americans. Our problems are only going to get worse.
      bama and his goonies find it very convient to turn their back on the thousands op illegal aliens entering our country.

      He’s not a stupid man and knows these aliens are all votes that he will get in 2012. Their need to be a revolution in our country to get it back. People need to take up arms and revolt before it’s to late. I live in the north east and a young man of ( 20 ) was just killed in a war tat has no meaning except for oil.

      On 9/11 we should have once we found out who did it sent our greeting to that country on the tips of a couple of nukes. That I do agree was the fault of Bush. Now that bitch Hillary is trying to make friends with those who have killed over 3,000 of our American family on 9/11.

      We had al get a grip very soon and run the corrupt man and his henchmen out of office before it’s to late. The futire of we Americans looks very dim at the time of this writing, and I do not see a light at the end of the tunnel for those of us who are true Americans.

  4. I am so excited about Obama being ahead in the polls. An African American as our president shows that our country can overcome racism. President Obama sounds so good!

    • Wow, you must be deranged, either that or another black man.

      Gonna tell you the best thing to do pal. Get ready to put your head between your legs and kiss your ASS goodbye. You are really a sick person that needs some real time head examimations.

      This so called president, and I use the phrase very losely is selling our once great country right down the drain.

      His health bill sucks. Hey genious, who the hell do you think is going to pay for that. 86 % of Americans don’t want this travesty of his.
      He cares nothing about the millions of people losing their homes and jobs. Mabey in your exitment you you call and ask him to take a pay cut, LOL.

      Dems are, have been, and always be like the trash we throw out. Wanting nothing more then to pick the pockets of the poor and middle class good folks in this once great country.

      Remember John Kennedy? He was a great president. I voted for him. To bad he was shot. Obama the black man, well mabey the American people will get lucky by a true patriot who is willing to give his life if nessessery to rid us of the trash that now rules us.

      I don’t even believe he is an American. He won’t show us any proof. So get ready to get in line for the number or computer chip he will make you get.

  5. D kelley…. your comment proves that your a complete retard and you are just wasting your vote….. i dont think that skin color or male/female should determine who is capable to run our country… and how about we make smart decisions… so we can actually have a 2012 election and thus maybe just maybe have a minority person run for president again… but this time make sure the person has the common sense to back it.

    • Your one sick individual. That is unless your black. I cannot believe that this is my third column and I still can’t find a real man to rid us of this white house trash once and fore all . I myself have a terminal medical condition or I would take on that responsibility.

      Obamas wife admitted she hates this country, the people, and all it stands for.The damn man wants to tear up our constition and rewrite it to his liking. This black man your predident, no mine. By the way I hate the guy, his wife, and every damn Dem alive. Was a true blessing we got rid of the last Knnedy, another worthless piece of dung.

      I cannot believe that we true Americans are listening to a man and a black man at that talk out of his ass. We fought hard to keep our country strong and safe. And until now we believed in and followed the constition that was handed down by our fore fathers. Then, bingo along comes obama with all his sweet talk and fake charm. The man couldn’t even take the oath of office without stuttering, are we sure he knows how to read ,write, and speake english.

      There is a debate on weather he’s even a citizen of our country. Mr Lincoln was a great man and President but I think he should have thought longer and harder before he freed the slaves.

      Your President is talking to our foes. You will see not to far down the road our country sold to the highest bidder in the communist world by your President.

      He has shown nothing to Americans except his worthless health bill. He never served our country so therfore know nothing of what it’s like for an American to lose a child or a husband or a wife to a war we shouldn’t be in. There are at this time millions of good folks losing their homes, jobs, and families.

      But does your great Meseih care, I think not. He’s much to busy getting his memoirs and library plans ready so when he’s finaly gone from office he can show his people. Hey all my black brothers and sisters look at what I did, even though I had to ruin the country to do it.

      Those folks that got into the state dinner was great. Was a great opportunity. The white house security sucks because he’s probably fired all the white guys in replacement of his black friends. You know like like his old pastor who he claims he has no contact with.

      That’s the funniest crap I’v ever heard. Do you really think for one minute he would give up advice from his equaly hated pastor.
      Give me a break. The Dems are trying to make us think they know what’s best for us white folk. But you had better beware because behind those pearly whites is a very, very, evil man

      And that evil man want’s to take all your rights away. Of coarse he’ll throw you all some fried chicken once in a while, but only if you have your numbered tatoo or microchip drawn or inplanted in or on you.

      Oh yes folks this man is indeed the antichrist who has come to save us all from Gods grace in exchange for your soul.
      So what do you think? Ready to give up your soul? Well I’m not.

      I have seen, voted and had the pivilage of being part of the rebirth of our wonderful country. A country that once was the most feared, but also the most love country in the world. People from all over the planet longed to and came to this great land to start a new life. A happier life. A life that was lived by Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness.

      And inhindsite Mr obama, and I use the term very,very losely thinks he and his henchmen and don’t forget about Pelossi can just tear up the paper our country was founded on and rewrite it to his liking. I think not.

      Obama will never be one of the greats because he doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself. By the way where did he hide Biden, another loser. Biden must be his flunky because no one ever sees him. Is he in fact vice President? where the hell is obama hiding him,. We never see him .

      And dear Hillary, secretery of state. We had all better start praying. Hillary is nothing more then a has been and as far as I can see the only use she’ll be is helping her boss sell us out to the highest bidder.

      Oops, time for us good folk to starting building bomb shelters again. Only this time it won’t just be a threat. I will come to be reality. Did you ever stop and wonder why the Government is pushing to get the space station done and operating.

      Why, because that’s where our run for the hill President will be with as many of his demons he can fit. I onder ifhe smart enought to realize if our planet goes up in flames just where will he get his o/2 tanks filled from.

      Yea, suffocation is a really painful way to go. But nothing but the best for our finest rebels.

      So in closing you need to learn this exercise. Put you head between your legs and kiss you ass good by. LOL

  6. lilburtonboy7489 Says:

    to D Kelley: I hope you die by suffocating on shit. Voting for someone based on their race isn’t what I would call overcoming racism.

    Not only that, but he’s going to run our country into the dirt, so I don’t think it’s going to improve America’s views on blacks.

  7. Obummer the Afro Nazi Says:

    The only good thing the wanna be commander-in-chimp will make is darn good target practice.

    Ths Chicago machine will win big this time. America will see corruption on a grand scale is this extremist nut gets in….

    When he ‘s finally dead, I’ll be celebrating with the other millions. .

    • Finaly someone I can agree with. Your a true American. Hope the celebration begins soon. But until that happy day he is at this time putting our country into ruin. By the way may I add Palssosi and Harr Reid to you list of target practice.

      We the real Americans need to start devising a plan to grab our country back from this lunitic who thinks he’s the messia.
      His black wife has said on air she hates America and all white Americans, and all our once great country stands for.Add her to your list also. Oh, I forgot Biden also.Oh, Hillary is another.

      This black man is printing money 24/ 7 and putting our dollar at nill. Thank God his asshole health bill won’t take effect till 2013. But the catch 22 to that is we will start paying taxes on his hoax come 2010.

      A good idea is instead of losing good Americans in a war we shouldn’t be in is to use the collection of prisoners in the whole of our country.

      Tears come to my eyes whenever I hear of another young American with family and children losing his or her life somewhere were we shouldn’t be. I think they should all be replaced with all the locked up trash in our prisons in which we are footing the bill to keep them alive.

      Their convicted trash that we need to get rid of. The only problem with that is the fact most people in prison are black. I do blame our previous Presidentfor not responding with nukes as soon as we found out who did the World trade center. That even I admit was a Rep mistake.

      I listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levine all the time. Now there you have true patriots that aren’t hiding andot hiding behind the lies of all the jerk off Dems and finding the facts telling us the truth. I just thought of another name to add to your list. Good old Al Gore. The climate change DEm liar. I recently heard of some brave guy or girl who hacked into and found the real records that show what’s been keept from us.

      As all my radio friends say, global warming is nothing but a crock of shit started by Dems and Al the liar Gore. Love when I heard someone with no invitation crashed Mr, messia’s party. Guess he must have fired all the good security staff in favor of cheaper black untrained security that were currently at the time unemployed. Payment equals, $50.00 a week and all the chicken and corn they can eat, LOL.

      People all over our country are losing their jobs and homes thanks to our Messia. Wonder if he or the house or Senate would agree to take a cut in their salary. The only trouble with that is they steal more then they make with all the earmarks to add to all bills.

      People of our country were not given the chance to vote on this worthless health bill that will fill the messia’s pockets with money he can then give to his old pastor.

      We are well on our way to comminism. Between the Messia, Hillary, what a joke she is. Any they and many others are selling us out to the highest communist bidder.

      As far as health care, the is included in it a death clause for old folks our leader doesn’t think are worth keeping alive. And just wait. If you need health care you had better be ready to show either that you have the Messia’s mark, on or inside your skin.

      Yet another way to track us down. Those that refuse the mark will be left to die. Th mark will also include shopping. No mark no food or other amenities needed for life…

      This man is more dangerious then our worst enemy with the awesome power he has been given. Those who voted for him and helped him achieve his goal have long been forgotten.

      He cares nothing about them. Really a shame they believed all his lies. I realize all political people lie, but the guy pulled off the ultimate. Even some of the Dems are running for cover I heard on the radio. Sorry Dems to late.

      The devil got his due and now were all in his sights. That is unless some really brave man or woman stops him cold in his tracks. I am myself ( 63 ) and disabled or I would give my life for the cause of ridding our country of the Messia virus that there is only one cure for, and we all know what that is..

      So long pal…. Your a great American. Lets keep in touch…

      Best to you

  8. WOW! @ all of you….not to bright…not to bright…

  9. lilburtonboy7489 Says:

    DeezNutz…..your input hasn’t exactly been too enlightening either.

  10. fuck obama hes gonna fuck our economy up and raise taxes

    • I just heard the lasest today 12/14/2010. Obama is now going to put some of his gonnies on ( Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace ). What hes asses are assigned to do is updat the black man on the chatter going on, especially the chatter concening him and the way he running the country.

      They say they are going to take names and kick ass. Looks like we are about to lose our freedom of speech over the internet. What’s next? Oh I know the tattos will follow. Obama,Hillary,Biden,and Reid need to be taken out before they completely destroy our country.

      If you know your history you will already that this is but one of the first steps to communism. I just can’t realize a great country like we used to be a communist element for the power and joy of the nigger and his goonies. Yes we are being sold down the river to the highest communist bidder

      Think it’s time to take arms and get this fungas and his followers out for good. This country is not and probably never be ready for a black man to rule us. Why you ask ! Because for thing his wife stood and was on camera when she announced she hates America.

      Does that ring any bells to any sane American to start a revolution to over through this man and the whole Dem party. If we wait till 2012 it will be to late. By then because of the Dems turning their backs on illegal aliens and wanting to make them citizens they in return will of course vote for him.

      That is something we don’t need and do something about before it’s to late. This mans intention is to make us kiss his black ass for everythink we need or want. Is that something we want to have to endure. Lincoln only mde one mistake as far as I now, and that is abolishing slavery, something we should have kept.

      More the 80% of the inmates in all our prisons are black. Why is that? It’s because they don’t want to work like most white Americans do. They would rather murder, rape, steal, and sell drugs. I rest my case.

      As far as the conflict were in. I think it’s a trevesty that innocent young men some with families are dying for a war we shouldn’t be in. If Obama want to continue this worthless conflick then he should decree all prison inmates will be sent to the front lines. Their criminals anyway, and it would free up the money it takes to care for them while incarcerated at our expence.

      Along wih then should follow all the crooked lawers and politicians. Let them die for nothing . As only a two year Senator Obama had no right to throgh his hat in the ring as a Presidential candidate. We the real Americans must remove him as quickly as possible no matter how. Or we can say good bye to all or freedoms.

  11. and fuck yall bitches that like him if its white its all right if its black take it back

  12. lilburtonboy7489 Says:

    C-Lint…..stop….just stop..

  13. Just Another Woman Says:

    obama, raised by WHITE folks, talks like a white man… speeches are all written by WHITE people, campaign is run by WHITE folks, educated by WHITE folks, got where he is due to WHITE people, why do the ignorant afrocans call him a black president? he is about as black as a snow man…so yeah, he has all of you SNOWED, lolz.

  14. Just Another Woman Says:

    by the way, i voted for all republicans, the democraps are too far left and anyway the democrap goons in the senate , all of them are rich crooks.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    obama won FUCKERS!

  16. Get ready for a downward spiral of our country on many fronts.

    Obama is going to set the USA back several generations with his ignorant ideals and policies, thank you to the over 50% of America that were dumb enough to drink the kool-aid, a bunch of sheep following the wolf.

    I’ll call it now, worst president ever-worse than Carter!

  17. Jimmy Carter 10 times worse!!!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    The worst president ever is getting ready to leave office: Bush The Incompetent!

    The world will be so much better when all the racists finally die.

  19. Those of you out there spouting this BS, about chimps, bootlips, etc had better figuer it out.

    This world is getting smaller, and smaller, and your fear of being left behind is now coming true. No, this is not intended to be about race, but about people. But of course you can’t understand that due to your own hate. You can’t see past the BS that you spout, to even see that your Bush is going up in flames.

    The people of OUR country have spoken, and change is on it’s way.
    To you Republicans out there, why do you think that the Afro-American is no longer behind you. Its beacuse of people such as these in this post.

    To the Black Repulican, I ask this question. Why, would you want to belong to a party that doesn’t want you, hates you, and totaly disregaurds you? Is the hate you have for yourself so profound that you are will to do yourself, and family harm?

    In closing, we will see what this new administarion will produce. I can not see how it will be much worse then what we have gone through in the last eight years.

    And I would be very careful about stating that “Obama make a great target.” because even though you are showing as anonymous, the Secret Service can still find you, believe me on this.

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  21. Ya know, Ive kinda got an idea of what socialism does to a free nation, but how fun for us that we all get to witness it firsthand! Woo Hoo!!

  22. A must read if your a american

    besides John I’m glad all you brain-washed inbreads canget on the internet without your step-dad of the week kickin you out of the trailor park. the fact is that he is black or not white (not a drop rule) is huge for White america to race shouldn’t matter in the states cuz we are all americans not africans mexans or asains. america is or we be are race you are not europeans british or evan nordic you are Americans remember the union won the cival war. we are all africans some studies say so if you ever thought that non-“white” should go back to there own country or you don’t like any thing other race then your own go back to your own coutry cause it is not America everyone that what to better them self or there family should be able go come and earn there right to become americans. what are all these “white” racist or purestsdone to deserve this freedom compared to any one else??? nothing but holding us back as a race if there was a top race and we are it we are bringing are selfs down. I dont know how long it has been going on but it has to stop now. Black americans might not be able to stand together and ether can we with out hate. !Hate! when black americans get together they say things like “black bold and strong”,” the darker the barry the sweeter the jucie” and ect. us whites have Hate, Hate anything that is not white hat jews and niggers and chincs. Have I opened your eyes yet We are all americans no colors or race just americans and the white race has nothing besides hate we only have dumb racist pro-whites out there on TV while there is a black guy from yale raising this right fist with a black glove. the only time we as a race got it kinda right was with the hippes in the 60’s and then some dumb white guy had to fuck it up in the word of the white MLK I will leave you LOVE IS REAL REAL IS LOVE-John Lennon

    P.S. Obama is just as curupt as anyone else

  23. lilburtonboy7489 Says:


    Holy shit, lern hwo too spel.

    I don’t even know what you’re talking about. I can’t even figure out who’s side you’re on. All I know is that you made fun of the people on this post and called them trailer trash….I’m just glad someone pointed that out.

    As for the rest of your post….I don’t know what to say. So no is the answer. No you have not opened my eyes because what you typed is barely English.

    The only other thing I can agree with is where you said: “P.S. Obama is just as curupt as anyone else”

    That’s very true.

  24. I don’t think it is a matter of racism. Republicans would gladly vote for a black Republican candidate. Obama is not qualified and was voted into office on a wave of ‘anything but Bush’ sentiment. Obama will be another Jimmy Carter, raising taxes and catering to the most dangerous world leaders. We are doomed for the next 4 years. Those of you who voted for Obama will wish Bush was still in office. Laugh now but in 4 years the economy will still be in a recession. Americans will be subject to attacks on a weekly basis because instead of defending we will keep turning the other cheek, thanks to the appeasing ‘Dummycrats’.

  25. tired of dum asses hatin obama Says:

    ignorant is all i can say some much hatred for a person that hasnt even been our official president yet;; you guys are pathetic he is our president elect nothing you can to do about it ;

  26. lilburtonboy7489 Says:

    Ignorant? How so?

    The fact that Obama hasn’t done anything yet is irrelevant. This post has nothing to do with what he has done. It has to do with what he said he will do in the future.

    The truth is, that he knows nothing of economics, he does not believe in human rights, he is pro war, anti market, and pro massive government.

    He is a tool, and so are his supporters which actually think he is going to help us.

  27. Haha all of the things you say aren’t even true. You have no sources, no facts you’re just full of shit. Before you say you hate somebody maybe you should get the right information first. I have no issue with difference of opinion, but I do have an issue with ignorance.

  28. lilburtonboy7489 Says:

    What isn’t true about what I said?

  29. obama biden Says:

    well there’s nothing you can do now….OBAMA WON BITCHES!!!! =P

  30. Michael from Germany Says:

    Number 30 makes the best point out of all of them 😉 Totally agree!!

  31. He’s president now. And you people think you can do sooo much better than him when half of you dont even have the vocabulary to talk to him.And you wonder why some people don’t like you. Look at yourselfs. Your making comments about the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT. YOu don’t even appreciate him.What if the whites were slaves, what if Obama was the first white president.My people are trying to make a difference, now what are you doing, sittting on the couch smoking a cigarette watching JERRY SPRINGER.Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

  32. And one more thing… Yall need to research and see wht hes been doing.If im the tool your the screws on the tools IDIOTS!

  33. All i can say to you people who think its only race:
    Just because obama is black doesnt mean hes good. He is seriously ill prepared for running a country, seeing as he has very very little experience in politics. I see no color, and most dems do. I could care less if obama was white. I dont want to see this country run into the ground by over taxing and horrible spending by a president who is black or white. Obama was only elected because of his color.
    If people label me as extremist or anything i say this:
    Get off the bandwagon and open your eyes!

  34. First off, Obama is half black, half white. People listen: he is not the Messiah, stop worshiping him. Wait till he fulfills his campaign promises. There’s a big difference between Candidate Obama and President Obama.

    So what, a black got elected, whooopty do. He hasn’t fixed anything yet that I can tell, instead he’s trying to seriously (*&^ up health-care system. I’m more upset that someone with as little /experience/ got elected. Seriously, WTF.

    Side Note: Check out the funny obama pictures I have on my site and let me know what you think.

  35. events in nyc…

    […]30 reasons why you shouldn’t vote for Obama. « Realpolitik[…]…

  36. This is a dark and evil site. It’s scary just cruising through such ugliness. You hateful people, just where do you live? Take your hate and get the hell out of this country. You don’t belong here.

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