This is why war rules!……for the government

Have you ever wondered why America is constantly in war? Even if we aren’t fighting someone, we have to fabricate one and throw a label such as “Cold War” at it. There are reasons for this.

1) They must get more money!!!

War is expensive. In order to pay for a war, the government has 2 options: 1) Increase taxes 2) Borrow the money and increase taxes later. This simply gives the government more money and power. When they increase their taxing power, they know they have full access to your assets. It’s easy money, and can be used for a variety of things besides the war.

2) You need us….

When people fear for their lives, they want a feeling of protection. What better protection than an enormous federal government ready to invade at anytime? If we feel perfectly safe all the time, then why do we need the government? We would feel that we could reduce government, and that simply won’t do. This is the reason why every little thing around the world is blown out of proportion, to keep us scared and wanting security. This leads me to my next point.

3) The people will give up liberty for security.

Ever hear of the Patriot Act? Well it was a violation of the 4th amendment in order to have increased domestic surveillance. Did anyone care about this amendment being broke? Some, but not many. The reason for this is simple: People were willing to give up their rights for a feeling of security. Once the government sees that it can do this, don’t expect wars to ever end. Speaking of never ending wars, How about the war on “terror”. They are the perfect enemy because they will never go away. Terrorism will always exist because it isn’t a country, it’s an ideology. Not only will it never go away, but it is all over the world. Terrorists are the perfect enemy. They are the permanent enemy to ensure we are always in danger and must rely on the government for protection. As we spread around the world fighting terrorism, we will breed more. It’s perfect.

The government loves war. I hope that people can see through all of this and stand up for our liberty. You want America to stop being at war, stop giving them the power.


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