15 reasons why you shouldn’t vote for McCain.

I’ve been told that I pick on liberals too much and it’s not fair. So I thought that I would mix things up and say how much I hate John McCain. If you don’t know who that is, he’s the neocon asshole that doesn’t stand a chance in this year’s election.

1) McCain believes you can export freedom via cruise missiles.

2) He wants the state to keep stealing property from civilians through taxation.

3) He believes that we have a greater calling in our life beyond ourselves, and that is serving our country.

4) Thinks that “greedy” people should be punished. (Jan. 31, 2008)

5) He doesn’t know what a computer is.

6) He favors equal pay based on gender to be enforced by the government.

7) He would be okay with spreading American greatness by occupying every country in the world.

8) He will take his time destroying our country’s economy rather than doing it quickly.

9) He believes in global warming and thinks the government has the responsibility to stop it.

10) Voted to extend the Patriot Act, once again showing no respect to property rights.

11) Said we should consider reinstating the draft if recruitment is low.

12) Wants to increase the “war on drugs”.

13) Supports citizenship for 12-20 million immigrants.

14) Wanted to increase taxes on cigarettes.

15) Made this rant almost impossible to write because he has changed his position on every issue about 3 times.

Oh, did I mention he’s old?


3 Responses to “15 reasons why you shouldn’t vote for McCain.”

  1. i lul’d those reasons are too true, i really hope Obama gets presidency…

  2. lilburtonboy7489 Says:

    Well I’m glad to entertain. However, if you have read any of my other posts, I think you would see that this article was not meant in any possible to say you should support that immoral socialist Obama.

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate McCain…very much. However, I think who he is running against is either just as bad or maybe even worse. But even if I think McCain is a little better than Obama, I refuse to make the immoral choice of voting for the slightly lesser of two evils. That’s easy to do when you realize there’s more than 2 parties.

    My next post will by why you shouldn’t vote for Obama.

  3. Both of these candidates are awful. Neither is going to help the economy, especially with Obama supporting many government programs. McCain wants to cut wasteful spending but really, is he going to? In Iraq McCain is way too into war. He wants to fight this thing head on when we need to set up the democracy and move on. And I have no idea what Obama intends to do in Iraq? Any ideas…… Palin is the real deal. She wants to cut spending and has a true record for doing it, and get this she’s the only conservative on the ticket who is pro-life! I’m sorry but I refuse to vote for someone who is pro-choice, no matter what side they say they’re on.
    The options being presented are disappointing, I’ve actually turned to constitutional party candidate, Chuck Baldwin. He’s really just a conservative who wants action and not all talk. Unfortunately his chances of being taken seriously are slim, very slim.

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