Why don’t “liberals” believe in property rights?

First of all, let’s set this right at the beginning. I am talking about modern day liberals, not liberalism. Anyone that know anything about history knows that current liberals are probably farther away from liberalism that conservatives. But either way, since I’m all about the current fads, I’ll just call them liberals anyways.

Alright, I don’t understand liberals. They talk all of this nonsense about caring about human rights. They don’t. They just pretend. What you have to understand about them is just how inconsistent they really are. If you believe in human rights, you believe in principles, not results. However, liberals only care about principles when they feel like it. At other times, if they think better results may come in the future, they are fine with rights being violated.

How about some example? Liberals oppose the Patriot Act. They think it is some kind of violation of our property rights, because it is. The National Security Letters that were issued allowed the FBI to collect mass amounts of information on civilians without a warrant from a judge. This is a violation of the 4th amendment because it skips probably cause and the issuing of a warrant from a judge. It violates the rights to our property. The Patriot Act very well might yield very good results, but it violates our rights, so they disagree with it. Good for them. So they are arguing about principles.

Ok, what about taxation? Liberals say tax everyone, especially the rich. Taxation is the biggest violation of property rights out there. We are forced into involuntary servitude by the state. We are considered a resource for the state’s use. Taxation rejects the principles of self-ownership and violates our property rights. However, when a liberal argues for higher taxation, they are arguing for the results, not the principles.

So what gives with the inconsistencies? It’s called pragmatism. They argue for whatever policy will benefit them most. Using an argument for rights is just a convenience, nothing more. They don’t give a shit about rights. They have their own agenda for what they believe in. They’ll use any method to get to the ends they want, including arguing from the occasional stance of human rights. It’s outright bullshit. I hate liberals.


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