The winning ticket in 2008…

McCain/Clinton 08. If McCain chose Hilary as his running mate, he would win the election. That isn’t my opinion, it’s fact. Fortunately McCain is too stupid to even think of that, so I don’t think we’ll have to worry about McCain’s “Operation Export Freedom”, which is his plan to bring freedom to countries one invasion/occupation at a time. I’m sorry to tell you world, but I don’t think McCain will be choosing Hilary which means he’ll lose for sure. So don’t be expecting any freedom cruise missiles anytime soon.

Nope, instead we just have to worry about socialism and the rampant violation of human rights. Compliments of Obama. Oh well. It’s just a matter of time before we cease to be the most envied nation in the world. Our characteristic allowance of freedom has been degrading quickly over time, and now there is nothing that makes us different/better than any other country. Thanks a lot politicians!


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