Soulja Boy hacked and the emergence of retarded youth.

So this story just made my day. Soulja Boy’s myspace was hacked, and it was epic. Not only was his profile picture changed to gay porn, but the song that plays when you go to his profile is none other than Rick Astley. This is true pownage. But that isn’t the point of this post. I am posting this because I want black teens to learn something. Don’t listen to rap. If you do, this will be the result:

“you a bitch for this shyt get a fukkin lyfe. bitch made ass nigga.”

“he could neva be gay..who eva put that up is childish..n yall jus mad kuzz he make money n yall dnt so colm dat dwn.”

“who eva hacced dis chit ah hoe nd aint go neva b chit lol pussy as” This next one really made me laugh: –“H0LD THE FUCK UP…THAT SHIT AINT FUNNii BECAUzE WH0EVER Iz D0IN THIz IZ RACIST…!!! CALLLIN’ HIM NIGGER Nd ALL THAT…THAT SHIT AINT C00…N0W THEY WULD GET MAD IF WE CALLED THEM A CRACKER 0R S0METHIN’ LIKE THAT…BUT I’M N0T RACIST S0 I DNT D0 THAT…”

hmmmm……last time I checked, calling white people “crackers” is socially acceptable. Ever hear a black comedian? And no, we don’t get mad because we’re used to it. These are comments left on his myspace after he was hacked. They are real comments. You wonder why racism is not completely gone from society? I’ll give you a hint:

“Ay Bra Dis Soulja Boy Just Churp Me When U Get Dis. So Im Ridin Through Da Hood 100k Make My Neck Swell If I Aint At Home U Can Churp Me On Da Nextel Maceo Done Told Me Dont Talk About Da Work. Cuz Undercover In Da Hood Diggin Up Dirt. Still Gettin Money Yeah Pockets On Swole Police Tryna Give Me 10 Years Without Wit Out Parole They Say Im Gettin Money But They Say It Aint Da Right Way 5 Or 6 Cars Wit A Bike In Da Driveway Sittin In Da Spotlight Chain Start Blinging Step Up Da Car And My Phone Start Ringin Shawty Who It Be Soulja Boy Above Da Law If He Owe Money Dont Pay It Back I Break His Jaw He Stay Churpin Da Phone Say Soulja You Da Man Do Ahead Of Da Game You Can Call Me Commando Black Ss Wit Da Suicide Doors Platinum Earing Rangs And Da Icy Clean Clothes Im Still On Da Move Cuz I Aint Ever At Home. Ay Bra Hit Me. Churp Churp Da Phone Puttin It On Da Map Out Da Trap In Da Big Time Soulja Boy Tell Em Yell At Em Cuz Its My Time People Playa Hatin On A G Like S B Cuz Dey Flippin Da Channel And Im Talkin On Dey Tv Screen Churp Da Whole Hood Ay Soulja On Tv Remember Dat Dey Dat Soulja Boy Stood Next Me But Now Im In Da Big Time Yeah Im Gone Steal Shine Put Da Churp Phone On Da Map Like A Stripe Line”

These are the lyrics to a song by Soulja Boy. He is one of the biggest musicians in music. This is the type of thing that fuels stereotypes. Maybe instead of lobbying to get programs that would get rid of racism, the black community could take control of the situation and come together to abolish these types of influences. 70% of black children do not have a father in their home. They live for music and many times musicians become their influences. This is not the type of role model you want:

I hate hoes I hate hoes I hate hoes Oh [Chorus:] All these hoes is the motherfucking same, Play you to the left like a motherfucking lame, Call you out you motherfucking name, Fuck you all lames I got game! I hate hoes, hoes hate me [x4] [D Roc:] Forreal bitch, don’t take the shit wrong Thinking I’m nice I’ll break you jawbone Get the fuck on Leave me alone Bitch you better go on See, you all hoes ain’t optimistic Cockblockin bitches you unproper bitches What’s the problem bitches? you say your nigga hurt your feelins Well, hoes done hurt mine Not once, not twice, But bitch all the time So I’m a dog to a broad Have ’em all crying, I done cried before, That don’t make me a hoe That just show me where my feelins ain’t supposed to go See, I got the magic stick you dumb bitch Other nigga you fuck with, be on some punk shit And I’m gonna show you all I don’t need no help, Just as soon as I loosen my belt BITCH! [Chorus] [Kane:] I need a moment, I can’t stand bitches and hoes ’cause a bitch is a bitch and a hoe gonna hoe, But a woman hold her own She got her own home She drive her own car Buying drinks at the bar Take a nigga out to eat Take a nigga to the mall Treat a nigga good And wash a nigga draws But bitches ain’t shit, Always talking shit They wanna be the shit But is they shit? No And hoes, they fuck off the god damn chain Everything and everything but don’t take names So that’s a nasty hoe and I can’t do shit wit it Please get out my face I don’t need a case Yeah, I love you all respectful women Independent women I takes ’em out all the time But you all hit the baggage need to keep on tracking I ain’t speaking I ain’t talking to nothing ’cause [Chorus] [Jacki-O:] Just keep my name out you mouth Before you find out how a down south hoe will out You’re a hater, she’s a hater, three a hater, for Everywhere I go I see some hating ass hoes Southern Belle, Jazzy Belle, Never Monogamous ?? be hot because my deeper asophagus Still they run up on me, smile and phone me, Laugh ’cause soon as I turn my back they stab it Learn to play fair Stop trying to care Two hoes to one nigga, Bitch, learn to share Baby, you dead ass broke For hating on the rich chicks See how I flow? Bitch, put it on you wish list Two seater wit the chill on My baby daddy put the grill on Fixing to put the heels on Chrome spokes with the low pros And the trunk funk blows up the cedar on the dashboard [Chorus] This is the mens national anthem for this year All you real women, You all can sing this shit too If you a hoe and you hate another hoe, you can sing this shit too If you a bitch and you hate and bitch, you can sing this shit too So everybody’s gonna sing this shit I hate hoes, they hate me too Yup Yup Yup Yup Yup BITCH!”

Parents, I beg you to not let your kids listen to rap. You want to fight against stereotypes and racism, then boycott rap.


19 Responses to “Soulja Boy hacked and the emergence of retarded youth.”

  1. Man im mad you posted his lyrics. Highly upset I had to read half that BS. I read the first batch and just couldn’t continue. Sad but so true, a lot of the “popular” music in this day and age coming from Hip Hop just enforces stereotypes, sadly thats what most people want to hear and how how artist become successful. Some say ignorance is bliss but everyone going to lose in the long run. Good read

    • stop hatin on soulja boy im in africa n 1 fact for sure is he is a role model.
      u really dont have 2 take his music seriously what happened 2 listening 2 music just 2 make u jump.white pple no offenselisten 2 rap artists whoz videos at times seem satanic coldplay (viva la dida)

  2. I read your blog and I am just going to make this short and say its kind of ignorant for you to say that rap will make you illiterate. Im 22 I have listened to rap for the majority of my life along with other genres of music. I am black, in college and run my own business. The comments that were left on souljaboys page were real stupid and so are most of his lyrics so I agree with you on that. To wrap this up you can be both smart and enjoy rap. Love,live life life, proceed,progress

  3. lilburtonboy7489 Says:

    I don’t mean that rap will make you illiterate. I exaggerate a lot on my blog. But to deny that rap has a negative influence on a teen without a role model is ridiculous. Obviously rap will not make you stupid, but if you sit around and listen to rap for 8 hours a day and have no one to look up to, naturally you will begin to look up to those who you associate with the most.

    There are teens who idolize these rappers. My point was that these are not the proper role models for kids. If you read those lyrics, then you would know why. They spew their materialistic bullshit out their mouths and about 300 words per minute. It gets to kids. It is womanizing, racist, materialistic, violent, and immoral shit.

    Hope you didn’t get too offended and congrats on your success. Best of luck.

  4. lilburtonboy7489 Says:

    @ Desperado,

    Glad you enjoyed it, I just want people to see the dangers of worshiping some immoral idols. Kids are running out of role models, and that is such an important part in a kids life. Sadly, many are turning to people like these rappers. It deals a lot more damage than we realize.

  5. Glad to see you completely generalized an extremely diverse genre of music. While I agree Soulja Boy and “artists” similar to him have little to no redeeming qualities. The buffet of hip-hop is a large one, and to judge it by one (or several) item(s) of food is silly.

  6. lilburtonboy7489 Says:

    @ GAC
    Extremely diverse? Hardly. Lets get some facts out there first:
    1) If an album uses the words: bitch, nigga, ho, money, bling, fuck, or cock more than once, then it sucks this: 8=====D

    2) Hip-hop may have its good artists. For example, The Roots and Atmosphere are actually talented artists. But that doesn’t matter. No one cares about them. They should not be in the same genre as Lil Wayne. When I talk about rap, I refer to what people consider rap music.

    For example, I live for grunge music. They are a type of rock band. If someone asks me what kind of music I like, I don’t say rock, I say grunge. That’s because they don’t belong in the same category as a band such as Trapt or Three Days Grace. They are way above. The music I was describing is awful. The “good” rap music should is not hardly considered rap. So what we are arguing over is a genre dispute. But don’t lump The Roots in the same genre as Soulja Boy…there are no similarities and should be separated.

    3) I prefer music to be made with instruments…not a computer.

    4) If you ever visit my blog, expect stereotypes. I like to kid.

  7. man i hate that ur sending a negative message “dont listen to rap…yr and asshole” jus becuz one person lyrics might not be right that is rap all together…….get some fucking sense

  8. For those that believe rap is a neutral form of entertainment, I’s suggest the following reading by John McWhorter (a certified black man):

  9. Anonymous Says:

    1. Are movies bad if they use bitch, nigga, ho, money, bling, fuck, or cock more than once? I guess pretty much half the Academy Award winning movies made after 1960 didn’t deserve their critical acclaim. What about books? What does the obscenity of a work of art have to do with it’s wroth. Vulgarity =/= bad quality (though I will admit they often go hand in hand).

    2. Agreed, the Roots and Atmosphere are quite talented – however, just because no one listens to them (obvious exaggeration), doesn’t mean you can’t include them in the genre that is rap. Rap is simply talking rhythmically to a beat (sometimes acapella), the Roots and Atmosphere both do this…and thus are rap.

    I get what you’re saying about the different genres of rock, but the difference between a grunge band and an alternative band like Three Door Downs, is much bigger than the difference between Lil Wayne and Atmosphere.

    3. I’m always confused by people saying this. I mean fair enough if you think a good rock artist is to be more respected than a good rap artist because he plays an instrument, I would agree with that sentiment, but in the end who gives a damn how a piece of music was created. It’s all the same to your ears. If your favorite album had magically fallen from the sky rather than being crafted by creative minds, would it be any different to listen to?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    ^Addendum to the above^

    P.S. – I don’t want to sound like some kid butt hurt because you insulted rap. Was just in a debating/writing mood and felt like making some counter-points.

  11. lilburtonboy7489 Says:

    @ Moneychanger,

    Perhaps you should read those articles Josh H posted…I know you won’t because you obviously can’t write, so I don’t expect that you can read either. I seriously need a translator to even attempt to decode that bullshit that you tried to communicate. Please keep reinforcing the stereotype so that people like me have something to keep ranting about. And since you are obviously a big rap fan yourself, I think you just proved my point for me by that post. Thanks!

    As for rap not being a negative influence, where have you been? Have you ever looked up the lyrics to rappers? Obviously not. You say that it’s unfair for me to pick lyrics from one rapper to define the genre. Well, I actually gave two, but if you want me to post 300 different songs from 300 different rappers, I will. Actually, that will be my next post, keep an eye out for it. I’ll dedicate it to “MoneyChanger”.

    Anyone who cares about the black community should try and keep black youth away from rap. That’s common sense. The lyrics are womanizing, racist, rebellious, profane, materialistic, and unintelligent. As I said in an earlier comment, there are some rappers that are not like this, but they are a very small fraction and no one knows about them. The mainstream rappers are the one’s with the negative influence, and they are contributing to the oppression of the black community…along with unfair drug laws.

    But after your post, I am considering not allowing all comments on my blog. I only do it because I care about you. Seriously, you’re reinforcing the stereotype.

  12. lilburtonboy7489 Says:

    @ Anonymous

    First of all, no problem with making some counters on here, always welcome as long as it’s intelligent.

    1, 2, 3) I would say that making the movie to music comparison is a little unfair. There are several reasons for this. First, every genre in all of the artistic mediums are targeted at different audiences (strategy games towards older gamers, rap towards kids, etc…). Second, some mediums are much more influential than others. Third, when a medium is targeting different senses, the content in the medium should effect that sense appropriately.

    So the point of my whole article was to show how rap is a bad influence on kids. Rap, whether you like it or not, is aimed at kids. Anything targeted at kids must be handled carefully because youngsters are more easily influenced. Not only is it aimed at young kids, but music is the most influential medium. Movies are just entertainment. Explosions, sex scenes, comedy, and cool car cases are what we expect. In music, it’s two things 1) the noise it makes 2) the things they say. You may watch a movie 2 or 3 times, but you might listen to a single song 200 times. Their lyrics are not just for entertainment, it’s a message. It’s a message that easily influenced youth may be hearing hundreds of times.

    So it’s not fair to make the comparison between music and other genres. As for profane movies winning Oscars and what not, I don’t care. When you determine whether something in the artistic medium is good or not, it’s entirely opinion. That’s what art is, it’s not a science. Also, in movies, there are hundreds of characters. You could have each person say one of those words, and it still would not make each character in it profane. So if 3 people get shot, and each of those people say “fuck”, it is them expressing an emotion one time each. In contrast, rap “artists” use the word to literally fill in every other word. It is just part of their small vocabularies. As for movies where they use “fuck” 350 times, I could make the argument that it is not Oscar material considering the dialogue is the most vital part of the movie. And that is not very good dialogue.

    Okay, so I’ll just say this: Music does not require certain instruments or a certain number of instruments. That is entirely opinion. It is just my opinion that music is better when it has good musicians, rap has none of this. Many rappers are very good lyricists. However, many bands that I like have amazing lyricists AND amazing musicians. I would say the bands I like are much more talented. But you could counter that and say that good music is not determined by anything such as talent because it’s an art. I agree.

    I’ll shut up now. šŸ™‚

  13. The difference between Academy Award winning films that use foul language and rap music that uses foul language is the way in which it is used. Rap music generally mutilates the English language (which is a flexible language) in order to convey some sense of gangsta’ attitude. Good movies use foul language to be an accurate depiction of society. Imagine a contemporary war film with no swearing or no blood? It simply would be unbelievable. Rap on the other hand thrives on the degradation of our language for no other reason than to sound street (or some other juvenile reason). Movies tolerate foul language for the means of accuracy, and rap perpetuates foul language for image. They sound like 8th graders that learn a swear word and cannot help but plug it in as an adjective, noun or verb any chance they get.

    However, even if there is no difference between movies and music, it does not follow that rap music is somehow vindicated. All it would mean is movies are doing something wrong as well.

  14. in your mamma bed! Says:

    MaYnE AlL nIgGaS aRe ReTaRtEd!
    RaP/hIp-HoP iS hErE 2 sTaY! sO wHy Ya TrIpPeN oVeR a LiL bLoG?

    *gEt A lIfE*

  15. lilburtonboy7489 Says:

    apparently they all are

    *go to college*

  16. i agree i hate soulja boy its not even music its bullsh*t
    hes nothing the only reason he probably makes $ is because ringtones
    and its catchy other than that its bad TERRIBLE!
    – its not hip hop or rap its GARBAGE!
    & kiss me through the phone is only okay because of Sammie
    Soulja Boy is a bad influence and a terrible but good reminder of what bad music is

  17. Kweezy157 Says:

    Man rap is my life and there is no way in hell im going to give it up over some silly ass blog. Its called internet slang, thats not how us kids really type. Damn! And Soulja Boy’s beats are really good so anyone else who says otherwise..go f*ck off.

  18. lilburtonboy7489 Says:


    First off, I’m sorry that rap is your life. Not because rap sucks, but because you just admitted that your life revolves around sound.

    And why do you use “internet slang”? It just reinforces the stereotypes that black America and rap fans have. If you look up a video of soulja boy on Youtube, the comments are ridiculous. You can barely even understand what they are saying. And this slang isn’t used out of convenience. They don’t use this slang to shorten sentences for efficiency. Instead, they use this slang for the purpose of using it. Nothing else. All it does is makes you look retarded and reinforce more bullshit stereotypes.

    And no, Soulja Boy does not have good beats. He’s a joke. All mainstream rap is. He is also responsible for reinforcing stereotypes and you people play right into it. He makes black culture look materialistic, immoral, and just plain stupid.

    I don’t hate rap. Some of my favorite artists include Sims, Atmosphere, P.O.S., Brother Ali, Blue Scholar, Hand Over Fist, Doomtree, etc..

    This is the music that the vast majority of blacks in America have shunned. It’s really too bad, because this is the hip hop that breaks the mold, defies stereotypes, and creates a positive image for rap music.

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