Comment moderation and freedom of speech

What is the purpose of WordPress? It is where individuals can express their opinions freely. However, lots of people seems to forget about this right given to them, and not allow others the same right. I am talking about comments.

I have posted on many people’s pathetic blogs, and I have found that the majority require approval. This is understandable if someone has a blog targeted at young kids and they want to keep it clean. But most of the blogs that require approval are just people that don’t want strong arguments made against them. I have seen it happen many times where someone will not approve of my comment where I made a good, clean, strong argument. But I visit the blog later and some dumbass gives an awful argument and the comment is allowed, only to be rightfully crushed.

So maybe we should consider allowing all people to comment on these blogs. Allow all people to give their opinions and let others pick and choose which is right. The purpose of spreading ideals shouldn’t be to have the best argument, but rather discover the truth. So let everyone’s opinion’s be shown, approve all comments that aren’t spam, even if you disagree.


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