Americans should not be able to vote.

In America, we praise democracy. We think of it as the ideal form of government. If you aren’t sure what a democracy is, here you go: Democracy is a relativistic form of government which allows the majority to decide what’s right or wrong. Of course, we mask this relativism by saying that we have a constitution which protects the minority. However, the constitution is routinely violated all the time. The constitution does have it’s flaws, such as allowing theft and violation of property rights through taxation. But either way, it still has a lot of good in it. No one seems to care about the constitution anymore though. I wonder why. Perhaps this has something to do with it: “Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women. When it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it.” (Justice Learned Hand)

People don’t want the liberty that the constitution protects, they want material equality. “Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.” (Friedman) The real issue is the lack of desire for liberty. That is why the constitution will eventually dissolve into nothing but a meaningless piece of paper.

But that actually isn’t my point. As much as I despise the thought of democracy, if people were actually somewhat intelligent, people could actually vote to uphold principles. But here’s the point of this post: The vast majority of Americans are stupid, complacent, ignorant, and easy manipulated tools. Americans vote based on the potential material benefits, what the media tells them, and apparently by skin color.

You don’t believe me? Here are some conversations I’ve had in the last couple of weeks:

Conversation 1-

ME: So who are you going to support this year?

Idiot: I’m going to vote for Barrack Obama.

ME: Oh……why? He’s possibly the worst candidate I’ve ever seen…

Idiot: Yea, but he’s black. I think that having a black president would finally put an end to racial discrimination in America.

ME: So you’re going to vote for someone based on his skin color to end racial discrimination?

Idiot: Yea

Conversation 2-

Retard: So I hear you’re going into political science?

ME: Mmmmhm…

Retard: Who are you going to vote for?

ME: Well…I supported Ron Paul, but now I’m not sure…Maybe Bob Barr. How about you?

Retard: Well, I liked Hilary, so now I don’t know. I would vote for Obama because he would probably lower our taxes…but I don’t know how I feel about having a muslim for a president.

ME: Oh……

Conversation 3-

ME: So who do you support this year?

Tool: Well, I thought about McCain, but I don’t know because he’s too old I think. I really don’t like the fact that Obama is a muslim though, and I really don’t like his pastor. I don’t think America is ready for a black president either.

ME: Did you like Hilary?

Tool: No. I wouldn’t vote for a woman. I don’t think they are stable enough to lead a country.

ME: Agreed.

Tool: Yea, So I’ll probably vote for Nader because he will lower taxes the most I think.

ME: You do that…

Okay. These are real conversations. They aren’t conversations with kids either. The youngest person was 22. The oldest person was 54. These are the people that are voting on issues that affect our lives. I don’t want these people to have any say of what happens to MY money and MY property.

This is proof that democracy=fail.


5 Responses to “Americans should not be able to vote.”

  1. Americans are stupid, they think all of this voting is like putting a sticker of a star on someone’s behavioral chart. They’ll believe anything anyone says without any sort of limit or an extent with what is going on with today. If anything, we shouldn’t have to worry about who is running the country anymore, we should worry about our brains.

  2. I think I found the right site. Thanks for your comment on my blog to the post, “Throwing away your vote??” I think what has happened in our culture is that we only have liberty because the founders of our nation lived under a tyranny that they were willing to risk their lives to throw off. People born under such liberty as we have often think they are entitled to such liberty as a birthright, leading to the gross entitlement culture we have today, where most people think they deserve to own a mansion, 3 cars, 5 plasma screen TVs, etc., simply because they were born.

    As for your last comment about God hating us, God loves us enough not to condemn us all for our rejection of Him, but has provided a “way out” of His coming judgment. If my new blog were better organized, I would point you to a page on my site that is not yet created. For now, may I recommend ?

  3. Interesting blog.
    I’m going to say this:
    Have you ever flipped through TV channels, and realized that half the things you see are just aimed at people with lower I.Q’s.
    Have you ever listened to people talk about something they know nothing about, like they are experts?
    In my line of work, I deal with stupid/dumb Americans every single minute of the day.
    People are so stupid, this hurricane Ike supposed to hit Texas some time soon, and every news network is fixated on, how it will effect the up-coming election, and how it will effect their network ratings….

    I heard a women on the news today using the worst grammar…
    Our current president sits in a room with 2 huge TV’s watching the weather channel, like the world is going to end in Huston??

    Common people…

  4. I think that what was said about the Americans is true because they are throwing their votes away, but I as a female, resent the comment made about women not being able to rule a government. I think if you had the right woman that could handle anything and was willing to stop things that are going on now, she’d make a good president.

  5. Hey buddy, just wanted to let you know that I’ve got your back. Like if you can’t afford birth control or something, Im right there for you. I’d even be willing to drive your girlfriend to an abortion clinic if needed. Anything you need man, call me.

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