People have politics all wrong….

Almost every political debate i get involved in drives me crazy. People constantly make descriptive claims about what will happen with this policy, or how much better the world would be after will kill a cart full of babies. Does anyone see the problem here? Probably not, because you have been so brainwashed into thinking that government is supposed to decide issues based on what the results might be if it was implemented.

I call this pragmatic politics. These are politics where decisions are made based on the results rather than considering whether the action is right or wrong. This is what’s wrong with politics. Should we have welfare? People would say” “Of course we should help the poor!!!111” or “No!! They will drag the economy down…damn hobos.” This is all wrong. If we are deciding whether to have welfare, we should be asking: “Is welfare justifiable as a principle or not?” What do I mean by justifiable as a principle? Simple. Are any human rights of life, liberty, or property being violated.

This is the rule of law. This is idealism. This is politics based on principles and morality. This is the only acceptable form of politics. We do not have to debate what the results may or not be of a situation, but instead we could decide by debating the issue from a stance of human rights. If this were the case and human rights upheld, then any policy you are in favor for could be carried out by you on an individual level. What I promote allows everyone to get what they want for themselves without coercing others into their plan. If you want welfare, then help the poor. If you want the war in Iraq, get your ass over there and good luck. If you want social security, then put your check in the bank. All of these decisions can be made pragmatically as an individual, but as for the governing of other, there’s no room for it.

“The difference between libertarianism and socialism is that libertarians will tolerate the existence of a socialist community, but socialists can’t tolerate a libertarian community.” –David D. Boaz


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