Justice as free will

People in America have this twisted idea of justice. They feel that justice is either people getting what they deserve, or they feel it is all things being kept fair. Well I’m here to tell you those two conceptions are completely wrong.

There are so many books that have been written on justice. Fortunately, I have discovered how to some up justice in one paragraph. Justice is nothing more than the voluntary transfer between consenting adults. Yup, it’s that simple. Freedom and justice are the same thing. It is such an easy concept, yet many cannot understand it. I’ll give a couple scenarios.

One person inherited 10 billion dollars from his father. The one who was given the money is the most disgusting, perverted, lazy, and greedy people on the face of the earth. He already has everything he needs and so he has no need for the money. He also does no deserve the money. So in his free time, he makes fire out of his money and makes jokes about all of the starving people in Africa. This is completely unfair, and at the same time, it is completely just.

Government should exist to simply protect our rights. These are rights of liberty and property. This is done through keeping justice. This makes economics impossible to separate from the notion of freedom. The government is not supposed to grant us any of these rights by distributing them evenly. This inherently violates the rights in which it is trying to protect. Instead, rights are in place to be restrictive. It means that the only thing the government should be doing is making sure that people do not take away other people’s rights by stealing, murdering, vandalizing, and basically coercion in any form.

However, people have assumed that justice means that everything is fair. They get this from a theory of desert, which means that people should get what they deserve. But who exactly decides who deserves what? Perhaps I care more about sports than I do about my house. I feel that athletes deserve more than firefighters. Some people would probably disagree with me, but how can you say who is right? You can’t. The desert theory is an epic failure. Our system should work as a system of voluntary entitlements which leaves no room protects our rights of liberty and property and keeps justice alive.

Giving us the free will to do with the wealth we have been entitled to is what politics should be all about. It isn’t about the majority deciding who gets what. That is oppression and a violation of our rights. If you remember anything from this, remember this: Rights are nothing more than a restrictive force on others from them doing anything to you that you do not consent to. They are not enabling, and they sure as hell are not about fairness. If someone was to ask me what my politcal beliefs are, I would say free market. Because economics is the same thing as politics. No one forcing anyone into doing anything is what it is all about. Only then can freedom and justice be achieved.


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