Don’t let politicians be your role models.

There’s no doubt in my mind that kids are in serious need of role models. If I had a little girl or boy, I don’t even think I would let them watch TV. Sadly, this is where many kids actually do get their role models. Usually it’s a musician (not really sure if they are musicians or just entertainers), actors (apparently America’s most listened to politicians), or athletes (a.k.a. druggies). Personally, I wouldn’t want any of these people to be my kid’s role model, but it could be worse. They could look up to politicians.

Many of us have similar values. These range from values such as no killing, no stealing, no gay marriage, modesty, economic responsibility, and much more. Unfortunately, these are not the same values practiced by the men and women leading our county into oblivion.

Look at our legislative process. The majority of our legislation is written by interest groups. Interest groups cannot present the legislation, but only write it. So in order to get a bill passed, they have to have a congressman present it. So in order to get a ccongressman to do this, they offer incentives. This usually comes in the form of campaign funds and overall support. It is basically just a legal bribe. Bribery is something that I would rather not teach my kids to do.

How about stealing? I have always felt that stealing is wrong. If you are entitled to something, then no one else has a right to that something unless you voluntarily give it to them. So what about taxation? We have money stolen out of every check and given to programs and people that we may not wish to give to. Even though the people that set these tax rates are elected, that doesn’t make it any less immoral. Generally, the less wealthy vote for those who want to raise taxes on the rich. This is disgusting, because I also feel that envy is an undesirable value.

What about lying? Politicians are liars. This is not my opinion, it is a fact of life. I won’t even go into specific examples because I’ll end up going on a rant and get all pissed off. The men in Washington make a living off of lying to us. Anyone remember weapons of mass destruction? Alberto Gonzalez? I don’t even know where to start with lying, but I think I’ll just leave it at this: If politicians were anything like pinocchio, they would all have noses as big as steve carell.

Love your neighbor.The liberal and conservative fight that is happening in America right now is sick. The differences between the two are so minimal, but if the law permitted, these two factions would be biting each others throats out….literally. Even though the typical liberal or conservative have no idea what they are talking about, it isn’t really about beliefs. It’s about winning the damn argument. The hatred between liberals and conservatives is something created by the media to cause drama. Drama makes for good television, and the media doesn’t care about politics, they care about money. Most arguments that take place between liberals and conservatives consist of facts used by the media which distorts the facts in exchange for higher ratings. Rather than liberal and conservative politicians trying to compromise and reason with one another, it becomes a heated argument where each side demands what they want. They either want to win for the sake of winning, or because they get a material benefit from getting their way.

Do not break the law!! It’s obvious that laws are in place for a reason. We have a constitution that should never be violated, and it is against the law to do so. However, our buddies in Washington decided that they are just so cool that they can break the law. It’s called the Patriot Act. They were collecting information on on innocent people by using NSLs. They did not have probable cause, and did not ever receive warrants from judges. This is blatantly breaking the law, and both Democrats and Republicans supported it.

Whores. Prostitution is bad. I don’t think it should be illegal, but I still think it is very bad. Governor Eliot Spitzer from New York must have forgotten that banging whores is an illegal act. Spitzer had put 60 people in prison for being involved with prostitution, making him a hypocrit, which is also bad. And lastly, she was approxiately $31,000.00/day. Economic responsibility was also violated here.

Economic responsibility is also a moral issue in my opinion. If everyone was careful with their money, then we would have a lot less problems in this country. People would be less inclined to vote to steal other people’s money, less marriages would fail, and Walmart would possibly be destroyed. How many trillion dollars are we in debt? In a nutshell, the same people telling us to live within our means are the people spending our money, putting us and our kids in debt for many years to come. They use our money for their own benefit.

The first commandment should be: “Thou shall not babble!” There’s nothing I hate more than having to sit through an involuntary one-sided conversation with some prick telling you about their problems and how they conquered them. Politicians are the absolute worst. If you watched the Democratic or Republican primaries, you know what I’m talking about. When asked a question, the politicians answered it in a way that you had no idea where they stood on the issue. This is after 5 minutes of bullshitting. Politicians have mastered the art of political rhetoric. They make little smartass comments that makes the crowd clap. Then we have the analytical talking heads that actually measure he decibals of the clapping to see who won the debate. They answer by saying what people want to hear and make them feel good, there is no substance whatsoever. So either the politicans are idiots for thinking voters are actually swayed by this type of rhetoric, or voters are actually this retarded. Either way, I think the master of generalized, no-substance, bullshit speaker is Obama himself. Everyone who has bought into his “Hope” and “Change” message should not be allowed to vote due to mental retardation. Only two candidates avoided getting involved with the politician rhetoric boat, and that was Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. These are the only two that had enough balls to have real arguments that made sense. Funny thing is, neither of them stood a snowball’s chance in hell.

So my point here: Politicians are very bad people, don’t let your kids watch them on TV.


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