Mentally retarded or teenage girl?

I lost hope in America long ago. However, I just recieved a friend request on Facebook from some random girl, so naturally I accepted it. After about 3 seconds, I looked at her personal information. It went something like this:

Personal Info

Favorite Music:
Favorite TV Shows:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Books:

Notice how besides the given Facebook categories, almost every word is spelled wrong. Out of 26 real words that she typed, 6 words were completely wrong. She used 3 words that are popular slang words typically only used by jocks, retards, 2nd graders, and well….girls.

Since I am not a complete jackass, I won’t give Ashley’s full name. After taking a look at her profile, I looked at a few more. Here’s another worth looking at:

Personal Info

Favorite Music:
Favorite TV Shows:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Books:

Not quite as bad, but still disappointing. Notice the patterns if you would. The “Activities” and “Interests” usually are similarly heart-breaking. Sports, partying, texting, idking, and booyz are usually part of the mixture. When texting becomes a noted activity or interest, a red flag should go up right away. The use of “umm….” is also rather disturbing. That is a word that bad public speakers use when they are nervous. I use the word often when speaking. However, the glory of typing is that you can think BEFORE you give your thoughts. Using “umm..” as a filler while typing isn’t cute, it’s basically you saying: “hey booooyz, i’m such an idiot, please rape me 😀 lol”.

Notice the music. These people don’t just have a type of music they listen to, they like everything. Liking everything just means you don’t have any preference. Usually rap or hip-hop are in there, instantly showing how dumb they are, accompanied by the genre that hates rap: Country. “I like to listen to rap which is mumbling based on the streets, but at the same time I like to feel like a inbred, redneck, racist that supports out troops!” I’ll assume that’s what these people think.

Now, television shows: “Laguna Beach, next”, and “I dont watch much TV…just mtv”……..enough said.

Favorite Movies: “OMG alote…” and “I LOVE MOVIES!!..basically anything”. Again, 2 made-up words and no preference.

Next, is the category of “Favorite Books”. This one is my favorite. Please look at their answers. “NONE…” and “books?!?!?”. Well, I’m glad that they do not know what books are. It’s not like they are old enough to read yet. OH!!, Wait! What’s that? They graduate high school in 1 year?? That’s right. Those of you who think that it’s not big deal because they are young, you’re wrong. Both of these girls drive cars. They are at the point where they should be practicing cooking and cleaning. Age is no excuse for this.

This is supposed to be a political blog, so I should probably tie this into politics. The point of this article was to show the current condition of our youth. I picked girls just for fun, but guys are not any better. Our youth are borderline retarded, and yet in 1-2 years, these are the people that will be voting. My point of this rant is this: American democracy has failed! At least little Iraqi terrorists know enough to believe in SOMETHING. American youth will be and are already the destruction of this nation.

Next, I will be writing about an experience I had at work today talking with men and women in their 40s. It will be further proof that democracy has failed.


15 Responses to “Mentally retarded or teenage girl?”

  1. i don’t know if American democracy has failed or is it that we older members of America democracy failed it. We are the ones that wanted everything fast and easy, we stopped teaching our children to learn because of the power it would one day give them, rather we teach them how now to take a test so they can pass, regardless or not if the have learned anything like spelling, or reading a book to pass the time ect. I feel that a lot of the fault with our teenagers today is our fault the baby boomers.

  2. lilburtonboy7489 Says:

    First off, I was shocked by your comments. Most people would rather be tortured, raped, and killed before admitting they may be part of an enormous problem. However, I think you are both right and wrong. While it’s obvious that parents are an enormous influence on their kids (probably the biggest), it is only influence. The free will still exists which makes all influences only partly to blame. I do agree that ever since the 1930’s, the responsibility of all people, especially parents have been greatly shifted to the government.
    Overall, the feeling of responsibility has been dramatically reduced for individuals, this may be a big part of the equation. Maybe parents haven’t felt the need to tell their kids to become educated. If that’s the case, then there is a good chance that they don’t feel they are responsible for our country’s direction, leading to a lack of “drive” to becoming educated on politics and other important categories.
    But here is the problem. I was never taught to care about politics. I was never even taught that I should read. I very well could have been the person I am writing about, without the vagina. However, why did I turn out different? That is what cannot be explained. I have always been interested in watching a political debate rather than partying. This isn’t how I was raised, it’s my passion. So maybe free will is bound to our character. Maybe our character determines our passions, hobbies, interests, and everything else. That being the case, then what decides our character? It isn’t just environmental, because two people in the exact same position can turn out to be completely different.
    So do we really even have free will then? My point is that you cannot blame others entirely for the actions of others.

    or to be short, i think the real problem is the increase in technology. Damn you internet!!!

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  4. The Analyst Says:

    Although I have a blog which deals with a similar topic but here I’d beg to differ. 21 year olds are called adults for a reason- They are not 13 and are expected to behave like adults should. Plus these are girls who are easily manipulated by the media. I mean just look at it. The fact that they do not read books is displayed like a medal (“books?!??!”).

    This is actually a misinterpretation of information. My analysis goes like this:
    Statement: People who do a lot of cool stuff may not have time for books.
    A Retard misinterprets this information as: Not reading books is cool.

    Lets not think of it as a problem. These girls haven’t been hurt by their stupidity yet. The burnt hand teaches best. After that the lesson about fire goes to the heart. It’ll take some time but they’ll learn, I hope.

  5. Alex, a 14 year old Says:

    Being 14 years old and immensely social I can easily understand where you are coming from. I am much younger than most people at my high school and I still am completely literate, fluent in math and science, and can type like someone who could carry on an intellectual conversation without going home and pulling out the Encyclopedia. The youth my age is unbearable; between the MySpace pages riddled with spelling errors and the blundering idiots consuming the hallways at my small town high school in Oregon. Since I have a fair amount of friends, I find myself dumbing down my conversations with even my closest friends for them to get my point (or at least my humor). As you can read, I am fully for what you are saying. But it isn’t just typical conversation or dialogue. It’s also the content of what they are talking about. I DON’T CARE ABOUT WHO WON AMERICAN IDOL, or WHY CHRIS BROWN BEAT UP RIHANNA. It’s like MTV is making us brain-dead AND ruining our inner music tastes at the same time. Seriously, have you heard some of the songs we listen to? It is basically a generic beat with a voice over of a guy repeating something a billion times. Plus, look at our movies. Obsessed? What happened to movies like Citizen Kane and Pulp Fiction? It’s almost as if America is as dumb as the movies make us sound. I can honestly understand why everyone else in the world hates us. It’s times like these I wish we had a dictatorial government in place.

  6. What an arrogant, self-absorbed post. Good for you! You’re so smart that you gotta diss on everybody who lies tangent to your unreasonable, lifeless standards.

    Btw… there’s nothing inconsistent about enjoying a good rap song and a good rock song and a good country song. You don’t need a set of morals, standards, or values in order to enjoy music.

    • seriously? go get some IQ and have a sex change made until you open your mouth again.

      • He Who Speaks The Truth Says:

        You challenge this man’s IQ yet you are the one who is saying “get a sex change” and has the screen name as “girls suck”. Really? You should really grow up and actually attack him on things that are relevant rather than incompetent raw emotions. Oh by the way he never opened his mouth he is typing not talking loser.

  7. Amy, a Kiwi Says:

    I feel sorry for you American people, the ones with brains at least.
    But to be honest half the things mentioned above are common to all “western” or “westernised” girls worldwide.
    The female species tends to thrive off attention and this founds the many common misinterpretations they make (as The Analyst stated) usually because of the media.
    I do slightly disagree with your comment on music though. You can’t “assume that’s what these people think” just because of their taste in music.
    Anyway due to technologies effect of my attention span (i.e. shortening it), I shall leave you to contemplate or ignore what I have said.

  8. Whoever authored this post is a jackass.

    I’m a 15 year old girl, and completely bilingual. My favorite subject is Math, and I’m currently reading La Dame aux Camelias by Alexandre Dumas (in French.)

    I’m also constantly barraged with America’s sickening media.

    Sure, the general idea of your post is fine. Yeah, some girls can sound dumb. But you just prove your OWN fucking stupidity by thinking they’re really dumb. The reason they act like ditzes and valley girls and common whores is because men tell them to.

    Men think girls should be subservient and likeable and pretty and bland. And because girls, like ALL HUMAN BEINGS, want to be accepted, they bend their own personalities to suit the criteria.

    Plus I would like to add that the misspelled words are something of a statement. To put it more clearly, spelled ‘boys’ as ‘boizz’ and shit like that is a style. Not a IQ revelation.

    And it’s totally pretentious to say that country and rap are contradictory. Not that I’m any fan of the former, but it’s certainly not “inbred, redneck, racist” music. Just fucking listen to Thao with the Get Down Stay Down.

    And rap varies just as much.

    And by the way, music choices don’t reveal political agendas.

    So you and your little pretentious angsty boy talk should just go sod off.

    I hate people like you.

  9. Youth Of The Nation Says:

    Woooooow. Who cares about how you spell on the internet? I know how to spell as well as the next guy, but I choose not to spell as well as I can. On the Internet its all about getting your message across fast. Words like “what” turn into wut, “into” turn into “in2”, “ate” turns into “8” really what I’m saying is who cares? It really does not matter how you spell on the Internet as long as its not a buisness related. We spell fine when it matters like when we are in school.

    Also, likeing rap or hip hop shows how dumb we are? Just saying that shows how incompetent you are. I enjoy listening to rap and hip hop alot, but that in no way shows how “dumb” I am. Rap has various types of content depending on the artist who wrote the song. Just listen to 50 Cent who is full of crap claiming to be a thug when he is rich and probably lives in Malibu, then listen to an artist like Prizm who speaks out on what he sees wrong in the world.

    I do think America is full of retards, but not because of their taste in music nor do I judge it because of how kids spell when they are on the internet.

    Adios Homeboy cya again….mayb hahahaha

  10. “likeing”

    OH, it’s on the internet though.

    Please, don’t procreate.

  11. Shitstain Says:

    shut the fuck up conor

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