Awesome blogginess

Ok, so this is just the usual boring, stupid, idiotic blog. I have lots of ideas and no way of telling anyone, so I figured I might as well be “hip” and randomly rant about all types of issues. The main focus will be political and how much better my political beliefs are than everyone else’s. However, I’ll be writing on how and why grunge music rules, ethics, things I hate, things I love, and maybe a few tips on how to ruin someone’s life through basic computer tricks. My blog will be all over the place just like my brain.

But in the end, the purpose of this blog boils down to me wanting to complain and having no platform other than a crappy website. I will be writing blogs often, and it’s great if I get feedback. If I don’t get positive feedback, then my belief that the world has gone retarded will become scientific law.

p.s. if i sometimes write with poor grammar, dont complain because it means either a) im too tired b) i like to get elitist comments from people telling me i used poor grammar or c) i dont feel people are worth my effort to make it proper.


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